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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 76
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”You got a son now, so you better be making move back here else ama come drag you myself” She pinches him
”I don’t doubt that.” He stares at the baby with his father ”Darren Griffin Jnr, i love him already”

”So cute right?”
”The cutest”
Tom is walking towards them ”Try not to teach my son how to break the ladies hearts though, he is going to be the best and perfect gentleman”

”Scout’s honour!!” Darren salutes. Tom and him hug as Tom places his head to him ”I missed you bro, too fxxking d--n much, I almost took a plane out once but the storm cancelled it..I hate you for leaving but i don;t blame you, glad you came..really and if you didn’t i would not be getting some for atleast a year, she is mean like that”
”What?” Tonia hits his shoulders as the boy’s laugh..

”Just saying” Tom turns and perches on the table with Darren, they watch the crowd coming in and greeted a few. She walks past, smiling at Darren who smiles back.
”So, what’s her name?”
”Tammy, manly name. But she beautiful” Tonia says
Darren smiles ”Yeah she is”
”You happy?” Tom nudges him
”So so..”
”She is nice?’ Tonia says
”Yes she is”
”Are you settling?” Tonia stares at him
”Come on Tonia, I am not..she is great”
”How great is she…I mean..?” she pokes her jaw with her tongue
”Oh gross!!” Darren shakes his head, Tonia laughs
”I swear I did not pollute her mind with naughty things, Tonia was rotten even before I married her” Tom says in his defense
”Come on, if it were Tom you would tell him if you screwed her already”

”Because he is a guy and guys talk about such things but..I don’t kiss and tell”
”Aha, I see”
”But…if you must know, we haven’t” Darren says

”Oh really?” Tom asks
”Yes really” He takes the boy from Tom and then plays with him
”Why? How long is this ship?”
”Three months” Darren says smiling at little Darren

”And you haven’t tasted the cherry?”
”Giving it time and …being busy”
”You have been dating fro three months, you havn’t boinked her and you bring her all the way to see your family…and you say you have been busy, what the fxxk is the matter with you, you like this girl or what?”
”I do, she is nice..just taking my time”

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