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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 72
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And there was the possibility that he may bot be her happiness too.

But then again, she didn’t know what she really wanted.. he was right. When he said she needed to sort herself out. He was right too. She needed to find herself, still the storms and the current without and be at peace with herself, without influences and distraction.

And she did.

It took a while to really forget the man she loved. It took time, it took healing and it took purging. Six months down the line, they met again and this time, she felt nothing, not a blink, not a shiver and most definitely not jelly. It was the most beautiful feeling to be free. She even congratulated his wife on being heavily pregnant and walked away. She was genuinely happy for them and wished them well.

What did she do after then? She made something out of herself.

She became head at Madivas magazine firm in two years, big promotion and a fat check. Yes! she was doing better than good for herself for a twenty-nine year old woman.

A twenty-nine year old single woman, with a great job, good prospects, a bestfriend and a few friends and no love interests.

Life was great. it was.

Until she got the text message from Lucy and another from Tonia.

Yes, two years ago today…she had laughed with these people, enjoyed their company and wished they had remained. They were nothing more than ”hello” ”hi ” ”friends” ” And how is work and all that.?”

It had never been thesame since the cruise. Lucy and Tonia kept being great friends, and maybe if she too didn’t pull a way out of guilt, they would have remained better friends..

But she too needed to heal, find herself and not drag anyone into her chaos.

Yes! she listened to Darren, she healed…and she was great.

She stares at the church..

She had been out of town for three months, got in yesterday and then Lucy had texted her
” Yay! My girl is coming to town. I miss you Anna, welcome back, girls night out to celebrate another milestone in your career, meet me at the christening forTonia’s son..she asked about you and said she was going to send you an invite..did she?”

Anna looks at her phone and then reads the message Tonia had sent ”Hi Anna, been awhile. I hope you are great. Lucy told me you are out of town, sorry I haven’t checked on you, hope you are great. You must have heard… I got a boy!! Yay!!”‘ she smiles reading the message ”Christening is in two weeks from now… I know you are not in town so… say a prayer for my boy since you won’t be attending. Bye. Tom sends his hugs”
She drops her phone in her bag and then opens the door . She sighs

‘Maybe she shouldn’t go in. Tonia was probably tying to be nice.. and didn’t exactly want her there. they had hardly had a long conversation since the day she ran out of Darren’s room with tears in her eyes, They didn’t talk for five months after then till Tom and her ran into each other, and then invited her and Lucy for thanksgiving and then after then, a month later when she ran into Tonia in the gym, four months later when they saw at a friend’s party and then two weeks ago when she got this message.

She wondered if she would be happy to see her, if they would be? . She knew Lucy would be thrilled she had moved back to town. And besides, It was Tonia’s baby Christening…she has to come right?.

She alights from the car and then straightens her dress, carrying a bag with baby items in it.. ”Here goes” she mutters bracing herself as she walks into the church and finds her way to Lucy who hugs her ..

”Oh Anna, look at you..oh my God!”‘ she hugs her ”Three months and you look like someone who just walked out of a Forbes magazine, one word ”Wow!” She stares at Annalisa who smiles

”That good huh?”
”That good, look at you, I am almost jealous of my best friend, d--n, even your a-s got bigger and you glow… tell me, who is hitting that up these days?” Lucy whispers
Annalisa rolls her eyes ”Every woman’s glow has nothing to do with a man Luce”
”Well, whatever is giving you that glow…more of it baby”

”Good job, peace of mind, great check..and an amazing view out of my crib and a new fab car…’s a ford”
”Oh dammit girl!! I hate you” Lucy says, Anna smiles

”I love you and I miss you” she leans into her
”I miss you more, glad you are back. We are going to have so much fun today, after the christening and all…girls only, I no boys”
”I second that” then she stares at Tonia and Tom with their son ”Hmmph!! he is so handsome” Anna says viewing the child from her seat

”I know right, such a cute baby.. I wish I can kidnap him. You know, I should get me a baby” Lucy says ”I would go now I get me a baby”

”Like Adopt one?”
Lucy scoffs ”No, get la!d without condoms and get me a baby…so envious of those locs of hair, see how he smiles…so adorable..” she gushs, Anna laughs ”I want all that cuteness and more, d--n..babies are fxxking angels”

”Oh I missed your crazy too…” She hugs her friend who laughs returning it
”Yes, what would the world be without my crazies right? Hey! That for me?” Lucy eyes Annalisa’s bag.

”No, for Baby Tonia” Anna moves the gift bag away

”Hey..” Lucy laughs ”I am a baby too!”
”No you aren’t. Whats the commotion about?” Anna c---s her head to the side
”I think they are waiting for someone” Lucy says with a slight frown.

”Well, they have to hurry, I hear the other mothers muttering that the first mother is taking forever to Christine her son” she looks behind her and then back at them.. ”Who are they waiting for anyways”
”No idea”..

”Okay, but I am happy to be here to share in their joy, I hope she doesn’t toss baby milk on me though” she thins her lips.
Lucy laughs ”Water under the bridge, tons of years ago… she likes you still”
”Oh well if you say so.. I came with baby proof just in case” she smiles ” it’s okay…so tell me…how have you been? Tell me you gonna say yes to him soon?”

Lucy smiles ”Oh Adam is just divine i can’t wait to say Yes, but I wan him to beg” she laughs

”You are wicked”
”I know, he loves me even more”
They laugh.


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