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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 71
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Annalisa is seated in her car.

She had been seated outside the church for the past one and half hour, deciding whether she should go in or not.

Lucy had invited her for Tonia’s son christening three weeks ago, knowing that she would be in town. Tonia too had extended an invite but ever since that day two years ago.. things had never been thesame.

Tonia had tried to be civil but, she felt that she blamed her for making her friend Darren to leave the city, far away from them.

Well, it was her fault; if they hadn’t met, she wouldn’t have turned his life upside down in a sense and maybe he wouldn’t have made her turn hers too.

Maybe they were both a mess.
The remaining two days on the ship passed like she never existed. Tonia preferred to be anywhere but close to her, Tom was still nice, Lucy was mad at her, Daniel didn’t stop trying to get with her, His wife harassed her and Bella snubbed her all through. The surprising turn out was Natalia who clinged to a girl all through till the cruise ended. She seemed to had forgotten about Darren, but she didn’t relent in trying to make her feel like s--t for making Darren leave.

In all, it was hell. There was no sweet face Darren so reassure her that it wasn’t because of here. There was no more fun, just..sadness.

He had said they would talk in the morning, how was she to know he was telling her goodbye, and by morning he was gone. Literally gone. No forwarding address, no number, nothing.

She had gone by his office to ask; Bella had had a field day telling her to fxxk off. She felt bad, she felt horrible…she wished she could tell him how really sorry she was and didn’t realize how it all affected him that he had to move away from the city.

Sighing, she rubs her temple.

He had asked her what she wanted..Happiness she thought. Happiness to her before Darren was Daniel.

But …if only he had allowed her tell him what she told Daniel, a man she loved at some point in time, he would have seen that..there was no way she was going to date a married man even if she loved him insanely.

Yes! she wanted happiness, and she wanted it so badly she yearned for it. Maybe, maybe she should have picked him, maybe he would have been here still. Maybe he would have been her happiness..maybe not.

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