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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 70
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”I will kill him I swear I will kill him, I swear it” Tonia says staring at the clock above the priest’s head.

”Relax Tonia, don’t be dramatic. Two years and you still act like a smothering mother”
”I am a smothering mother damnit!”
Tom smiles ”Oh dear Lord, I feel like a grandpa”

She smiles under her chin.. ”You are a grandpa, father to Darren and this little bundle of joy”

Tom laughs silently ”And you love this grandpa”

”Madly, crazily and insanely!!” she flutters her lashes ”He is my world”
”As you are to hims” he kisses her forehead.

”And would be Father and Mother please step forward as we Christine their son..?”
Tom gets up, carries his son while his wife walks behind him to the pulpit while friends and family members remained seated in the congregation.. Tonia turns to look behind her and catches a another familiar face in the crowd.

Lucy waves at her and blows her a kiss. Tonia smiles back turning away.
”And the God-father?” The priest raises his head to look at them.

”He is being held up, he is on his way from the airport and you know how that can be and if we can please wait just a little while longer–” Tonia pleads joining her thumb and her index finger together slightly touching.
”We have three other families here in present , we cannot wait any minute longer, come forward and let me have the child so we ca begin the ceremony” The Priest beckons to them. Tom hands their son to him.

Tonia is muttering under her breathe as she looks behind her, willing him to show up. she turns back to the Priest as he takes her son closer to him.

”I will kill him, I swear I will kill him..” Tonia kept muttering.

”Rise everyone as we Christine this son and give him into the hand of the father…”


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