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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 68
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cannot even begin to phantom it’s purity and rawness. You let it be. You cannot have possibly caused them to love one another because it is impossible. I command men to love one another in my in-spired words.. But look around you.. They kill themselves. They plan evil for each other. They do what they please. Why? Because they choose to and because they can.

Dear Cupid.. Sweet little Cupid. Your spells and arrows were mere feather light kisses to their hearts. A tickle. A nudge. It was nothing but a tap or a caress to the cheeks that does absolutely nothing to them.

Love cannot be made. Cannot be produced. Cannot be forced. Love comes from within and only those who feels it wields the ability to show it and when the other feels it. They share in its beauty.

Love is not normal thing. Love cannot be a thing. It is not magic. Love is Love and that’s just it.

So you cannot make them fall in love or love themselves. They can only do it on their own. That is why.. Nothing is working. It never worked before. ”

Cupid is confused. “But the arrows.. The way they act immediately it touches them”
“The mind is a powerful instrument. One of my most special creations. I tell you ..what you believe would happen. Have faith and it would come to pass and it would. You believed at some point it was working and your mind acted it out and you thought they reacted to your spell. Your spelled formula? No.. They never did”

“The spell of Lust. What about that big guy? ”

“Men are humans.. Their will to feel.. To touch and be physical is part of their makeup. I put that their. And my instruction had been for married couples. Yet.. You see how they disobey me still. You do see what I have been saying Cupid.. I who is God la!d out all these rules for them to follow.. I do all great and mighty things for them.. And yet.. They choose to live their life the way they want.. Why? Free will. Why? Because they cannot be forced to do what they don’t want to do and they only do what they want and right now.. Right now.. Your will is that they come together. Their will, both of theirs is different. Tug of war if you will. And there is nothing you can do about it. Love is something grown and nurtured from the inside and only if they share it will they find themselves and you cannot do anything to force it.. Hurry it or make it happen. ”

Cupid sinks to his bottom “So you are saying.. That.. I have been doing absolutely nothing ever since? Making a fool of myself while all of you laughed at me? ”
A hand was placed on his shoulders ” No Brother.. You were learning a valuable lesson. A lesson you needed to learn to see and to understand. ” Jesus smiles down at him.

“So I am not the god of love.. My name is a scam? ” he wipes his already reddened nose.
“You are Cupid. Our little baby-man” Jesus smiles widely, his eyes full of love and the others laughed.

“Oh leave me alone Jesus! Go on and laugh. Guess you are happy now. ”
”No, i am happy i got to show you what i always wanted to show you..the truth.”
“Don’t be hard on yourself. You are lucky you get to learn now. Lucy is still learning.. And he is stubborn. He does not realize that the battle had already been won and he is playing chess on earth thinking he is recruiting an army. Only time would tell. Come.. ” Gabriel helps him to his feet. “How about we give you some heavenly ale to calm you down?” He takes him and they begin to walk away.
“Who in the heavens is Lucy?” God asks walking behind them
“The son who got away. Cupid came up with Lucy. I think it’s cute. ” Jesus says laughing. His father joins him.

“But what would happen to Anna and Darren.. I really thought it would work” Cupid is asking.

“They would be fine.. However they choose to be. Together. Apart. Whatever ” Jesus states to him.

“Father, you have seen it all. What happens at the end? ” Cupid pauses and turns to him.
God smiles… “I do not set my eyes on iniquity son. You will see”
”So that means, there is hope for them yet..i would love a happy ending” He turns away
”Man would is up to them now Cupid..not you, not me, them.”

They walk away and the cloud closes…

The Next Morning..

“He is gone” Tonia says to Tom who takes the letter and reads.

“I don’t get it. When? We are still on water. How can he just up and leave? ”
“He is gone Tom, he boarded a boat and he left. 5:am.” Tonia says going to seat on his bed. ”As soon as i saw his letter on the bed, i went around asking. I met a man, he said the person i was looking for went with a Castine, who took a boat to shore to get supply.The man joined him in the wee hours of this morning. He left”

”Wow, the whole situation must have done a number on him, what happened last night with Anna?”
”I wish i knew”
The knock on the door causes them to raise their heads. Lucy and Annalise walks in.
”Good morning guys” Anna says stepping into the room with Lucy and Adam behind her. ”Where is Darren?”

Tom hands her the letter .

She reads it and sinks to the bed ”He left!” she gasps

”What happened last night, did you guys make up or break up?” Lucy takes the letter and reads it.
”We talked and then..we decided that we gonna be friends and..we said goodnight and we would have fun during the trip and..i didn’t realize that..” she trails off.
”He didn’t just leave you Anna, he left us, his friends, the only thing as close to a family he ever had. I hope your decision was worth it” Tonia says getting up . ”He took the over Tom, ” she says with tears in her eyes ”He took the offer out of states, and he left us, he left me” She tears up, Tom hugs her.
Anna covers her mouth as the tears fall ”I am so sorry” she says getting up and running out of the room.
”It’s her fault he is so broken that staying in thesame city with her, with them and even us is toxic for him. I don’t blame him though, he lost Natalia to her cheating, he lost her ..maybe because he realized that he had fallen too hard and he doesn’t want to be so broken..i don’t know, we were his family, his he is gone, far away..and because he choose to chase that girl he met on st. valentine’s day. ” she sobbed. Tom holds her tighter.
Lucy stares at her ”He would be back, he loves you guys, he would be back”
”I hope when he does she is gone, she , Natalia, Bella, all of them who made him leave. Infact, i hope he finds happiness where he goes…” Tonia says pulling away from her husband
”Darren left?” Natalia was at the door as she gasps.
”And he quit his Job in the city” Bella says behind her ”Guess you are happy. i hope to never see you again, none of you, ever” She says turning and leaving
Natalia ignores her ”Do you know where he went?”

”A place you would never have to hurt him again. Do something, get a life” Tonia nudges her away, Tom follows her. Lucy stares at her, without a word, she leaves her standing by herself.

”Crap!! Guess it’s really over then” she says sadly.

”Baby, wow, nice a-s” A voice says behind her
Natalia turns and is dazzled by a 6ft lady, athletic build, blond hair and nice dentition

”Thanks” Natalia replies.

”Your room?” the girl c---s her head to the side

‘Yeah, you want to come check it out?” she leans to the side of the door and then pushes her hips out. The Girl’s eyes roams all over the body.

”I wonder if your boyfriend would mind?”
Natalia scoffs ” It depends if yours wouldn’t look for you”

The girl laughs ”Single, just have a tag along for the boat cruise”

”Same here”
”Guess i can come in then, if he don’t mind”

”Next room, busy wanking to a playboy magazine i gave him, tired of giving this a-s to people who don’t know how to manage it”

The girl looks at her butt, licks her lips ”I can manage it for you”
Natalia steps back, ”I guess you can” The girl walks in and closes the door,locking it. She pulls Natalia to her, hugging her close and nuzzling her neck.

Natalia rubs her body to her and and begins to caress her whole body, all the way down to her butt which she sq££zes and then finding her way to the front, she freezes ”Is it..?” She trails off as her eyes grows big.
”Yes” The girl smiles

”Baby that is all real” She kisses Natalia’s lips
Natalia smiles broadly ”I was going to go get one done , here you are having all of it, all endowed; Beautiful, curvaceous, boobs, a-s, junk!” she sq££zes her ”’I am in love” She turns her and pushes her to the bed, capturing her lips with hers.


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