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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 63
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The arrow sinks, hovering over Annalisa and drops, piercing her back with a quick t----t and then dissolving into nothingness..
He looks at the other side, sighting the other arrow making its way to Darren. Going through the door, sinking through the sheets over his body, it taps his back and slides through his body coming out through his heart.. then dissolves into nothingness.
Cupid is smiling widely.. ”Wait for it, they would jump up looking for each other, losing cloths, saying i love you, saying all manner of things and..oh…this would work, just wait. One, two..three…;” he rubs his hands together ”Oh, this would be an explosion of love ever been seen under the heavens ..can’t wait.
He lays on the bed of the clouds, crosses his legs and places his face in his hand” Wake up Darren! Wake up Anna, lets watch you both love….” he chuckles.
He looks again into Annalisa’s room.
She stretches and then turns, grabbing the cloth , covers herself and continues to sleep.
He stares at Darren.. He didn’t move.
”Wake up,the arrows have pierced you wit unmeasured love, wake up, don’t be shy beauties” Cupid says.
He looks back with light in his eyes as Annalisa moves.
Anna tugs at the duvet until Lucy yawns seating up ”What Anna?” She rubs her eyes.
”I want the Duvet!!” Annalisa says sleepily
Lucy rolls off and then pushes it to her, Anna grabs it ,then covers herself turning to the side, Lucy smiles shaking her head ”You never grow out of this..”

”Did you speak to Darren?” Lucy says with her eyes closed.
”And?’ She opens one eye and directs it to Annalisa
Anna sighs ”Tomorrow, so sleepy, hurts..can’;t talk” she turns to the other side and continues to sleep.

Lucy yawns and then lays back on the bed ”Tomorrow then, you would tell me in the morning”
”Yes!” Anna covers her face with the duvet and goes back to bed.
Cupid gets up and then seats down ”Get up Anna” he calls out.

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