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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 55
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”Enjoying your Cruise trip? How is the Missus, i saw you with this sweet chick earlier…i bet she glad you brought her right? Amazing stuff huh, want a cigarette?”
Darren shakes his head ”I don’t smoke” he says stuffing both hands into his pocket and staring at the stranger who came to stand beside him as he watches the quiet sea unperturbed by the ship’s weight.
”Too bad, its helps to calm nerves”
”Smokers are liable to die young”
The man laughs ”So they say, yet they keep making them and supplying to countries”
”You can be among the few who says no”
”Well” the man takes a long drag and breaths it out ”Man would one day die; accident, natural and man-made, sickness, sex, drugs…so this won’t be any different. So i fear no death, what i fear however is to be alone when the time comes, having to not have anyone to love before the big guy up there goes…time up Big Castin”
”What’s the point in having someone to love or be there with you when they won’t stay, won’t love you as much as you love them, what’s the point in feelings when you would only get hurt?”
The man stares at him, ”Let me tell you something my father told me once ” A man can be happy on his own without having a woman, and with wealth and luxuries he can probably live a long life,’ but when a man has someone to share that , all that he has with, he is bringing a spark to another’s eyes, and yes there would be struggles and fight, some are necessary and others are not’,it’s the ability to know what you want, the willingness to fight for it and pursue it that would tell you just how much the person means to you and it doesn’t matter even if they disturb your peace of mind, you would take it any day other than having the quietness that comes from being lonely, unloved and dying alone. And even if it doesn’t work out, it’s fine, it hurts but it’s fine, you should be happy that you loved, because it’s the most beautiful feeling ever and the only universal commandment that supersedes all others. ”

”Its messed up when you are the only one feeling it alone or wanting to feel it alone, it’s just stupid” Darren stares at his feet, he look up when another man joins them.
”Hey Castin! Boss wants you to go pick up some supplies in the morning, our man bailed on us, supplies are left on shore and no one to get it across” the man says to him
”I told you that fool got eyes like a thief, how much he stole?”
”A few thousands, client’s money but Boss says the cops are being alerted. but he needs you get those supplies first thing, a boat would be prepared for you in the morning. We have so many mouths to feed and if the supplies don’t get here on time, we fxxked, literally.”

”No sweat champ!. Bright and early ”
”Good man” the man taps Castins’s back and leaves, sharing a brief nod with Darren.
”So, what were we talking about before we got interrupted?” Castin asks breathing out more smoke through his nose
Darren looks at him ”How early are you leaving with the boat to shore for the supplies?”

”Six or Five, why?”
”Can i ask you a favour, unrelated to what our discussion was about”
”Sure” Castine nods.

Darren smiles. ”Good man!”
Anna turns on her bed, facing the side Lucy is on , her hands her over her eyes, breathing softly.

”Lucy, are you asleep”

Annalisa smiles ”Then why did you answer”
”Sleep talking, i am not answering”
Anna bites her lips ”Can you please check if he is back?”

”Anna, i have been literally doing that for the past five hours, he isn’t there and i do not think he has any intention of sleeping in there”

”Can you please check again, please, i really can’t sleep and if i do go to Tom or Tonia, i think she would pour water on my face”
”She wouldn’t”
”She hates me now”
”She doesn’t, just upset, i am upset with you too”

”But you are still here!”
”Because despite i think you are a pain in my a-s and that you do not listen to voice of reasoning, you are my best friend and i love you and i would always be there for you, so..guess we are stuck like glue”
”Thank you Luce, really, despite all this and the things i said to you and hit you, thank you”

”Nah, no sweat, that’s what you get for having a douchbag for a bestfriend”
”What?” Anna nudges her shoulders, Lucy laughs ”Please, go check, i really need to talk to him”

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