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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 54
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”You were hard on her Tonia,” Tom says staring down at his wife
”I know but she needs to understand how certain actions causes ripple effect. She first judged him without allowing him clear himself with Natalia issue, then she goes to kiss her ex -‘

”He kissed her” Tom clarified ”Atleast that;s what she said”
”Well she didn’t stop him”

”Now, Darren is hurt, then he goes to apologize for a wrong he wasn’t guilty off only to see them lipp-ing again, come on, i wonder what is going through his mind right now, now she is crying, i mean i know Darren, he is one of the sweetest souls and when he digs you, he digs you for real”

Tom raises an eyebrow ”You know that how? You fxxking my best friend?”

She smiles ”I told you, you mess up, he is going to be my next man, the next best thing!” She winks.

Tom laughs ”I’ll kill you both.” he leans in and then kisses her ”Gatto go find my boy, and talk some sense into him”

She rubs his lips ”Let him, sometimes, you need to step back and let him deal with things on his own, matters of the heart are delicate and if he really likes this girl, the way we think or hoped at some point he does..-”

”Hey! i haven’t given up on them yet, don’t be too hasty to jump ships on them, you like Anna, you kept talking about Anna,give her a chance. Come on babe”
”I do like her, just upset with her, but listen babe, if he still does like her a whole lot, he needs to be able to figure this out all on his own without influences on our part. If she wants him, babe she would go after him and make it right and if she doesn’t, maybe just want to apologize and move on, then…it’s fine too. Atleast he got out before he got worse off like the way he was with Natalia”

”I see your point, but she seemed sad”
”If she were this sad the first time, i would be the one combing the ship looking to pull Darren’s ears to his knees to forgive her, right now…she is going to walk this journey on her own , and Darren needs to do it on his own too. So if and when we see him, we are not going to advice him s--t, he has to decide what’s in his heart and what he wants to do….you can’t mess with that babe, because at the end of the day, you and i would go home, everyone else would go home, he gonna be alone, in a cold room, with his thoughts ..and its all that he wants that matters and we are going to support him either-ways because we love the hell out of that man, and if its Anna, hell i would love her like a sister ”

”I would kill her and put her body in a body bag and bury her in our garage”
Tom laughs ”You are savage”
”I take no prisoners” she smiles as they kiss again.

”I love you Tonia, you know that right?”
”I love you too whatever man” they smile at each other as they hug.


”Seen him anywhere?” Lucy says coming to Adam who shakes his head, uncorking a beer and taking a large gulp before answering.
‘Nope, there are tons of people on this ship, different deck floors and God knows how many rooms, how we gonna find one man when we don’ know where he is?” Adam says looking over heads of people and then faces.

”I really really need to see him Lucy, i really do and he isn’t in his room and isn’t with Tom and Tonia, and..i don’t know where he is and i have asked around and they haven’t seen him too”

”H is here alright , he can’t have just disappeared from the ship, we are in the middle of nowhere, on water” Lucy tells her. ”So he is here, just somewhere we can’t see”

Anna sinks into a seat and then buries her face in her hands.

”It’s late Anna, we should go back up, tomorrow we can sort this out and i promise you first thing we come look for him okay?”

Lucy pulls her up and then they walk up to her room.

”Sorry babes, ” She turns to Adam as they get to their door.

”Nah, it’s fine, one of the guys didn’t mind me shacking up with him for the night, for a few box, see you in the morning and Anna, would let Darren know you looking for him incase i run into him okay?”’

”Thank you Adam”
”No sweat” he leans in and then kisses Lucy full on the mouth, smiles at Anna and walks away.

” He seems nice, Adam” Anna watches his retreating back.

”He is, now lets get you into bed after you shower ofcourse, don’t want you smelling my sheets”

”B---h!!” Lucy laughs.

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