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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 53
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Tonia swings the door open and then frowns seeing her at the door ”What?” she snaps, Tom raises up his head, sees who is at the door and the gets up coming towards his wife.
”Darren, is he here?” Annalisa tries to look in.

”Who is asking?” Tonia raises an eyebrow, she was not hiding her displeasure.
”Please Tonia, i need to see him, please” She blinks back tears
”What happened Anna” Tom frowns , his voice worried.

”I think he saw..” she sniffs covering her mouth ”I think he saw Daniel kissing me and-”

”Again?” The couple exclaim in shock
”I mean his time it isn’t my fault, i..i was talking to Daniel in my room and he just grabs my face and-”

‘Why the hell do you have your Ex in your room and…oh Anna, you gone did it again? Being stupid?”

”No it’s not like that, this time it wasn’t like that and i even slapped him and-”
”Too late for that Anna, you messed up the first time, and he came back wanting to mend things up and said he was going to you, now you say he saw you kissing your Ex, wow Anna, you got all the wrong vibes for my boy, really wrong”

”Look i am sorry and-”
”Shove it up your a-s!” Tonia snaps
”Tonia, ” Tom touches her arm, she shakes her head smiling sadly.
”Look Anna, i like you, really and i think you are a nice girl, but you don’t go around injuring a guy who had suddenly found peace and happiness just because the devil’s wind blew your cockroach of your ex your way, you need to know who would mean alot to you and who you need to discard with at face value, forget i know Darren, a man who ignores his wife for you is already an a-s. ”

”She is right Anna,” Tom joins with his wife.
”The damage has already been done and ..i just need to talk to Darren, please and mend this i mean even if we won’t be together anymore atleast he deserves to know what i told Daniel and-”
”Well he isn’t here, and given the circumstances, i do not think i would want to advise him to change his mind on whatever he has made up his mind to do so…goodluck Anna” she slowly closes the door.
Anna blinks back tears.
”Annalisa?” she turns to find Lucy and Adam coming behind her.
”I don’t know where Darren is and..” she covers her mouth and then sobs.
”Oh Anna, what happened again?”
”I think he saw us and…” she bursts into tears ”I don’t want him to hate me, this time ,i hit him, i…i know its messed up now but, if i can see him and then talk to him and then-”

”Oh Anna” Lucy hugs her friend.

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