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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 52
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And..the room i got for us for getaway weekend, well..she wanted it and because i couldn’t exactly go home because the cops where downstairs, to make sure that what i supposedly said about us was true, they stayed back in the lobby so i was stuck. She had gone up the room, i wanted to go rest my head and then i find her crying, again . I mean how could a girl cry so much and still have more to fill a bucket. Anyhow, so…that moment, i had to seat with her, talk to her, try to lesson her pain, and made her to talk to me , how? I told her about my messed up life and how we may not be so different. Misery finds company right?” he smiles staring into the drink
”But, that moment i felt free, sharing my pain, understanding hers. I mentioned she was crazy right?” his eyes sparkles as he smiles remembering how she stood on the bed, with a stick ready to beat the unicorn danging from the roof with chocolates and sweet things

”We went from flogging the unicorn, to drinking and eating everything in the room, to laughing our hearts out, to getting chased by men on the street because she dared me to flirt with a married woman, to having to watch out for her to pee on the streets, to seeing how excited she was about ice -scream, to have her laugh like a mad woman, to carrying her on my back knowing she had had one too many, to listen to her speak about her aspirations and then watching her smile, genuinely. In one night Natalia, i forgot my pain, my hurt, my deep scattered self, and i thought about someone else other than you. In one night i went from a shattered man to a man who had more to live for, all because i met a crazy wrecked girl on the streets on St. Valentine’s day, the day i felt was going to be the worst in my life, in a few hours, it became the best i had had in a long time. Two strangers, in pain, hurt, shattered, but was able to give peace to each other..” he sighs rubbing his temple.. ”Tom was right, she is my Valentine blues in my world of chaos, and i didn’t understand what he meant until today because, i mean, ofcourse i didn’t have any interior motive when i met her, thing led to another and being with her was beautiful and after that night Natalia, i swear, i didn’t ever think of you again. She was my healing.”

”Oh right, i was waiting for the part you tell me how you fxxked her. You had a rebound make-out session, so what? big deal! Your healing my a-s!!” she scoffs.

”It wasn’t a rebound Natalia, that’s what i am trying to say, when i kissed her, i wasn’t thinking of kissing you. When i held her, i wasn’t thinking of holding you, and when we made love, by God i wasn’t thinking about you and for a moment it was scary because i loved you madly; but…you broke me into pieces that was unable to fix itself back and yes i needed an escape from thoughts of you, from us and from the world and then the crazy shows up and here i was loving the moment and i didn’t even know her.” he shakes his head ”The next day, i wanted to get to know her but she didn’t want to, and i got her, we were strangers and maybe just maybe we may not have been in our right senses, i was n mine, she said she was in hers but…it was don’t come out from our messed up relationships and dive into another with a random stranger, so she left, did i forgot her?

No, but what to do right?” He turns to Natalia and then stares at her ”Weeks later, miraculously, she shows up at Tonia’s birthday party, and i knew it was my chance and boy did i take it.i knew what i wanted and i was getting to it, we were getting to it. She is an amazing girl Natalia, she is beautiful and intelligent, she is crazy but she is my crazy, and everyday since i ran into her again, i wanted more, yearned for more but i had to be careful, baby steps, being the perfect gentleman. Most days i was tempted to take her into my arms and love her up more but i had to ask myself some salient questions; do i like her because we had sex on the first day, do i like her because i think she was and is a perfect rebound girlfriend, do i like her because the sex was great, why do i like her?

I needed to find out for my self and finding out meant to take any all distractions that would cloud one’s judgement away and that meant getting all physical was out of the way, that means comparing her to you was out of the question, that meant that i had to see beyond her beautiful get to see her scars and flaws and if i still like the view then ..i know this is for real. And trust me, i like what i see, i can handle what i see”
”Even this, with the Ex?”
He smiles ”Even this with the ex, the first kiss i was willing to forgive, but not the second, hurts too much”
She laughs ”For real, girl caught kissing again, boy Darren, you are daft, she got you p---y-whooped. Well good thing you are done”

”I didn’t say i was done, i just said it hurts too much. You do not understand Natalie, she is a kind of girl i would go all the way in for, even with this, we all makes mistakes, yes..but..there is a limit. And i cannot force a girl to like me Natalia, and if she loves her Ex it’s fine, i won’t push..i would back away..but she is the kind of girl i would go all the way in for if she is willing to go all the way in with me too”

”I am willing to”
”We are over Nat, we are.”
”But you are alone here, while she is smooching the Ex maybe giving him a blow-job ” she smirks

”That’s fine, the heart wants who and what it wants and if that’s her happiness i would let her go, i only hope she sees him for who he is, i do”

”Look, talking about her makes me boil, lets do something else babe, please” she hugs him, he takes her hands off

”Even if i and Annalisa are no longer together i will never get back to you; you were not listening to me Natalia; she came and i forgot you, and that’s all i need, her, and if not her, maybe someone else would come along and maybe i can find love again, for now…i want to be alone” he gets up and then walks away.

”Like hell am i letting you get away from me, like hell, a little space i would give you to clear your head, you are mind Darren, you are mine.” she turns and walks to wards the other direction.

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