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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 51
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An hour later, she finds him sitting by himself, a glass of wine in his arm and oblivious of the crowd on the deck.

”Hey Handsome, being looking all over for you” Natalia slides in beside him, smiling into his face, ”You okay, need a hug, a kiss, some major TLC?” You know i gat you babe” she tries to touch his face
”Don’t, just don’t!” He moves her hands away and then sips from his glass.

”Why you being so grouchy, she is a s--t and sluts aren’t worth it” she spat
He laughs ”She isn’t a s--t Natalia, if you can get your head out of your a-s you would see that she is nothing like you Nat, really she isn’t”

”If she isn’t why are you here sitting by yourself, drowning yourself in alcohol and not rolling in sheets and getting all lovey-dovey hmm?”

”Because Natalia, people like you strolled back into the scene and messed that up for me” he stares at her

”I didn’t bring the Ex” she raises her hands up in defense ”Don’t give me credit for that”

He shakes his head ”No you didn’t, but you started it, spewing things that aren’t true which caused her to start acting up at first”
”Oh baby, i didn’t need to do s--t. Her Ex comes dazzling her and then soaks her in his magic lips and your girl goes jellyfish like Cinderella who hasn’t being kissed..not my fault she can’t separate the wolf from the sheep, that man stinks of fxxkery, he is the ”F” in fxxkboy-ism, i see them eyes baby, i knew he gat no real love for her if he can shun his wife to flirt with an Ex knowing by seeing obviously that another man was in the picture then he a fxxkboy. But she is stupid if she can’t see how an amazing chap you are, i see it, i am here..” she says matter-of-factly. ”I gat you babe, always, and i know i haven’t said this ever, since, you know, you and i parted ways but baby i am sorry for that thing i did. I am back now, i love you D, my D, my world D…the only D in the Dxxk that got my Pxxxsy all wet and — ” she leans towards him about to nibble his earlope.

He uses his hands to wedge her away carefully, ”Natalia, let me make this clear and if you need water to drain out the alcohol in your system, you let me know and i can order a tank of it to wash your ears with. Girl, i loved much-”

”I know baby, and i love you too” She smiles hugging him, he unwraps her hands away.

He shakes his head ”I loved you Natalia, in passed tense, but that is months ago, i healed and i moved on”

”You can’t move on from the love you have for someone” she says with a half laugh

”I can, and i did, and you know how?”
”Please, enlighten me” she says folding her hands

”I met a girl, and she was a mess, a broken mess”
”Oh you gonna tell me how she was your healing?” she scoffs ”Please, get real baby”

He smiles taking another sip from his glass ”Honestly Natalia, having gone through three years with you and then get hit with the heart with a hammer which smashed it all to pieces, pieces i couldn’t exactly fix up, yes she was my healing”

”Oh come off it baby!”
”That’s the truth, look, i was telling you a story so flow with me okay? So after what you did..i was in a bad place, really bad and dark place, given up on every thing surrounding in the four lettered word ”Love”, i was sad, i even cried..”

”You cried, fxxk out of here” she laughed ”I slept with a girl Darren, not a guy”

”Same thing to me and it’s called cheating!”‘

She rolls her eyes ”You are just too dramatic, you love me so you can’t give it up”

He smiles sadly ”When a man loves, i mean truly loves, it’s deep Natalia and what i had for you was real”

”Don’t speak in the past tense baby, we are getting back on that train” She pokes his chest, he wipes it away and then continues to speak, ignoring her.

”So i was telling you about my healing right? So, i left the house and i went out, anywhere but the festive of love jamborees, i couldn’t handle it, i needed a solemn place, a place i could think, i couldn’t stay home when everything reminded me of you, you know, it hurt too much. So i got to this place, can’t remember the name right now and as i make my way there was this girl, on the floor picking up her things and..i don’t even know why i even bothered to stop, to care when i heard a small yelp from her. But you see i went to her and asked her if she needed help. And one minute i am trying to help her, the next she is tagging me to be one of those guys and saying she isn’t interested and that i should fxxk off literally,” he laughs remembering, ”I mean i don’t know you, who are you to tell me who i am you know? ‘ he shakes his head ”So, next thing she shows me a ring, and then asks me to see if it has value, i mean i saw she was broken and a mess and i didn’t want that kinda mess messing with my own mess because i was deep in my own mess right? So she shoves it in my face and i had no choice than to look at it and the minute i held it and stared at it, i knew it was a cheap a-s ring, too cheap it must have been picked off the bin cheap, washed and sprayed to look like the real thing, I didn’t know how to tell her because, she looked crazy too, i didn’t want no crazy person on my tail so i direct her to go across the street to check it out so i can be on my way to mend my own broken heart”
”Why are you telling me this, its boring and stupid, so you met her on Valentine’s day, so?”

”I can getting somewhere, work with me; ” He sniffs ”So i am back in the building, messed up and then she comes back and heads straight for me and then wails, like her lungs out crying and everyone thought i was her lover who broke her heart. To cut the story short, i was one shy away from being tossed into cell, having to ride in a police car and then had to pretend i was her actual boyfriend and she..she was crazy, my God. One minute she is a wreck, crying nonstop about the ring, about some guy and the next she is like a happy kid between the two cops and stuff. Mehn, it was a crazy night.

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