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Uju - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I scroll through my phone searching for who to call, I quickly remembered a guy, they call him Kala, he was so interested in me when i was working at the club, he also tips me whenever he comes to the club and will beg me to visit him or be his girlfriend but starting a relationship wasn’t in my vocabulary, i have not being into any relationship and even if i have to start something with any guy not with those chronic club guys that comes to club with different girls and even the ladies with them will not mind or be jealous as they flirts around and it makes me wonder if they think I’m blind, or i don’t see them come and go with any ladies, and even those girls don’t even care about who they carry, all that matters to them is to catch their fun, after clubbing and having fun they move on with their lives,

Kala was one of those guys, I quickly called his line, when he picked he sounded happy to hear from me, he ended the call and called me back immediately, I told him about my current situation, that i just need a place to stay for sometime to be able to get a job and get my own place, he was willing to help and later sent an address to me, I quickly went over to his place, although it was difficult at first locating his place but i finally got there,
He hugged me on seeing me and showed me a spare room where i put my stuff, I was so grateful to him, he said i should feel free and stay until i can get my own place, he later went out that night to clubbing, I stayed in the house, writing applications and sorting out cloths incase I’m called for an interview anytime, i will have cloths i can quickly lay my hands on, the following day i was called just as i have anticipated, I was there so early before people started coming, I found out i wasn’t the only one for the interview, but i was the second person they attended to, majority of the work is through computer and i wasn’t even computer literate, and it has not occur to me that it was important, I didn’t get the job not because i wasn’t good but because i don’t know anything in computer, I sadly went home.

I told Kala about it and he said he would have love to teach me with his laptop but he doesn’t have time, but i should get a place to learn and he will pay for it, i thanked him, and started my search on the nearest computer training school I can register, when i found one i happily told Kala but his response was discouraging, he said that i should hold on that he has things to do with cash, when he has he will let me know.

Kala still goes to club but not like before, he gradually reduced going out and with time his female friends also reduce, just some guys coming around and he always tell me to be in my room, he doesn’t want his friends to start making nasty comments about me or trying to make passes at me, I don’t know the kind of work he does for a living but he is always with his laptop and even his friends comes with theirs too,

One day one of his friend came, this one was calm and doesn’t join them in whatever work they do with their computers, it was the first time i was seeing him, he was also good looking and doesn’t talk fast, he speaks very slow and not much, i asked Kala why his new friend is always quiet, Kala told me he is the only friend he trust that i can always come out and sit in the sitting room whenever he was around, he won’t disturb me, he said his name was Victor, and his parents are very rich, but his father is late is just him, his younger sister and his chuchy mother, he said they are looking for a cook, they have other maid but their cook just got married and resigned and they are looking for another good cook, if i know anybody i should let him know,

I always serve him drink during the few occasions he came but he will say no, he hardly even looked at me, probably he thought I’m one of Kala’s girlfriends, which I’m not he was only accommodating me until I’m able to get a job and a place to stay, Kala doesn’t even disturb me about getting my place but he sometimes look at me strangely, and looks at my back, anytime I’m walking he will like to stay behind me so that he can be looking at my butt0ckz, I noticed it a lot of times and i can’t say or do anything because he was presently my saviour, one day i mustered courage and asked Victor about the cooking job, Kala wasn’t in the sitting room then, he was with one of his friend in his room doing something with their laptops, Victor was just watching TV and i joined him and he still didn’t say anything or looked at me, his eyes was focused on the screen, i greeted him he just replied and still didn’t look, i wanted an opportunity to ask him about the job but when there was non coming i decided to take the bold step to ask,

and he responded fine, he said that the person will stay in the boys quarter like other household workers and won’t work on Sunday and Wednesday, and the salary is just almost same thing with others just a little more, that they need an upright, godly person and also a good cook, he asked me if i know anybody that want to apply, I thought for sometime before answering him
I told him that i was interested, he looked at me like i have spoken some strange word before asking me if i have worked as a cook before, that they need somebody with experience, I lied and told him my last job was cooking for a big family and i worked there for three years, so i have enough experience, he then asked why I stopped working for the family i told him they relocated to America, he was quiet for sometime i was praying that the lies sound convincing enough to him and it actually did, he said i should come around within the weekend and meet his mother and try some delicacy for them I gladly hugged him without thinking i was so excited, he gently pushed me away and told me he hasn’t given me the job yet and i shouldn’t be over excited that is after his mother has confirmed me and my food thirst good that’s when i can start rejoicing but not on his body, I apologized and walked away happily, he later left.

I was looking forward to weekend because it was just Monday and weekend is far off, I have reminded Kala about the computer school again and even ask him to borrow me the money i will pay ones i start job but he hasn’t even said anything he just said i should calm down, he was expecting cash soon, but i watch him spend lots of money on drinks and Wears everyday with his friends, I later stopped bothering him, at least him accommodating me and feeding too is enough for me,

he later changed and started disturbing me everyday and night for sex, he said if i allow him he will give me money for computer school, he showed me wads of cash he will give to me if i let him do, i told him no, I wasn’t attracted to him in anyway, I can’t even tell how he makes his money because he’s mostly out with his friends or at home with his laptop, and sometime girls visit him different ones and they stay in his room, I hardly come out during then just as he warned me not to, he has always make sexual advances at me but i don’t take it personal until he started disturbing me for sex which graduated to threats, he will threaten to throw me out if i don’t allow him, this was happening within the week and he doesn’t know anything about the cooking job interview i was going at victor’s place, I never told him because he may not allow me, Victor is his friend.

Today is Friday and he went out clubbing as usual and told me to get ready for him when he comes back,

what I’m i suppose to do now I’m going for interview tomorrow, where do i run to or should i allow him do it and move on with my life, after is not a big deal , alot of ladies are doing it,

but how do i even tell him I’m a virgin, I use to worked in the club and I’m above twenty people thinks I have slept with every man around but that’s not true I’m actually a virgin, i have never had sex with any man but i can be mistaken for a w---e when i was working at the club because of the way i have to act and dress just to have more money, and the last money i thought will change my life for good i disappeared in from the room where i hide it like thin air,

if i have that money now i won’t be in Kala’s house and i will still be in good terms with Ada who will equally receive her own share and also Bibi,

now I’m stuck with Kala’s quest for sex, my cooking interview coming this weekend and i know i can cook African delicacies, and Victor’s family is even Igbo which makes it easier for me,

now I’m confuse, please somebody should tell me what to do I’m in serious dilemma.

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