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Uju - Season 1 - Episode 4
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The first work i got wasn’t difficult according to Ada, it was in a club, the same place she and Abimbola works, it was a very big club, Ada has already told me what it is like, she and Abimbola has spoken with the manager who agreed to employ me, Ada also borrowed me money to make new hair and get some wears like bum short, trousers and shoes, since we were giving a T-shirt to wear,
I like looking beautiful and the new cloths, makeups and fine hairdo make me looks very beautiful,

I agreed to pay Ada back the money she borrowed me ones i start receiving my pay,
She took me to the club manager who did a small interview filled me in what my work entails before i fully started,

The manager said the first month will be just to see how well I’m capable, and i tried to deliver my best, I wore my bum short and shake my butt0ckz at those men, knowing fully well that I’m well packaged just as what Bibi told me, having hips was an added advantage to me, mama will say all her food comes to my waist and eyes, the waist and eyes is becoming useful to me because is what most of the girls here wish to have,
it makes me stand out and got me more men drooling all over me, even the men that came with their girlfriends couldn’t take their eyes off me as i serve drinks with a charming smile,

I started getting alot of tips, so many men want to talk with me, just as i was warned before hand I don’t miss work with pleasure,
I gave my new number to the ones i feel got something to offer,

I paid Ada the debt i owe her even before i got paid she wasn’t happy with the speed i was going, she called me one day and said

“Uju, take it easy, remember I’m the one that introduce you to this work, don’t over speed your self… Think before you act…

“Ada, I don’t know why you keep calling me Uju, I already told you and those men at the club all knows I’m Tracy and I told them I’m not a Nigerian…I’m from Kenya, please don’t go and call me this in front of them before you spoil my market ..

“Uju, you see why I’m saying you should mind your speed, you have already started telling them that your name is Tracy and you are from Kenya, what if you happen to meet a Kenya person and you can’t speak their language, tell a lie you can defend not the one that will hook you, there’s nothing wrong if you tell them you are uju and a Nigerian, even if you tell them that your full name is Ujunwa nobody will question you, it doesn’t matter, those who like you will still like you… please don’t tell me what to call you, you are ujunwa and i call you uju, don’t care if you are comfortable or not with it, I’m comfortable calling you your real name, you can tell people who don’t know you in and out to call you Tracy but not with me.. Please…

“I’m only trying to make it Ada, my people are counting hugely on me, especially mama, if i don’t do what I’m doing i won’t get enough tips or money to start sending home and other expenses, all i expect from you is to understand and stop telling me to take it slow, I’m not stupid, I know what I’m doing Ada, I have always wanted this and I’m very grateful for introducing me to it, you are making your own money Ada, sending home and taking care of your siblings at home, is also the same thing with me, I just want to make it and be able to take care of my people… And if we get enough money we can move out of here to a better apartment, I have paid you the money i owe you, I’m not owning you again I’m just trying to gather money for my own rent and other expenses….i expected you of all people to understand that..

After the conversation with Ada I tried to take it slow, so that she will not feel like I’m trying to out run her in the work she thought me. I was beginning to get comfortable with her calling me Uju, but i still tell people at the club that my name is Tracy.

One day a young man visited the club with his friends and female friends too, he came with a huge purse that was stocked at his right arm, he was a regular face at the club and always takes the VIP lounge, after partying and drinking hard he never let go of the purse, he was always the one that paid for all the drinks, he sometimes flirts with me after which he tips me, I’m always looking forward to his coming and today was no different,

After serving drinks he teased me as usual of which i replied back with a smile, after the whole drinks he was drunk and later left with his friend when i went to clear the table i saw the purse on the floor, I quickly looked round before i opened it and there was packs of cash in it, I looked well to be sure and there was really huge cash inside, I was scared at first, I wanted to give it to the manager on duty like we were told to always return back whatever anybody forgets or left behind in case they comes back for it, I was tempted to return it and also to keep it to myself, it will really change my story, I couldn’t come to a conclusion i called Ada who was around and she came i showed her the cash she said i should return it before they finds out,

I should take it to the manager to keep for the man and i said okay, I didnt return it I quickly close and change up to my normal cloth and hide the cash, I signed out and went home leaving Ada, when i got home i saw Bibi she was sleeping, I quickly removed the small bag of money and hide where eyes hardly go, Ada later came back that night so i pretend to be asleep so that she won’t ask me of the money

I later slept off, when i woke up in the morning Ada was just leaving for work, Bibi was going right after her, they seem to be in a hurry, I checked the time they weren’t late so why the rush…

I was on night duty that day and will be leaving the house by 4pm, so i relaxed back, after I was very sure they have gone far, I quickly went to bring out the money to count so that i will know my way from here although i was still having double mind of returning it, I was already concluding within me i will return the cash ones I’m going to work in the evening, guilty conscience was already eating Me up,

I went to the place i hide the money but it was no more there, I was shocked, with speed i started turning the house up side down, I couldn’t find it anywhere, someone must have taken it, I started thinking who could it possibly be, I only told Ada about the money who didn’t know if i brought it home or not and Bibi didn’t even know about it because she was asleep when i came back, I was shock and confused

i quickly called Ada and Bibi on the phone and they both said they didn’t see anything like that,

I’m finished…who could have stolen the money or did the purse filled with money disappear, what is going on, somebody must have taken it but who? Who took it.

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