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Uju - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Just within the week everyone already knows about my relationship with Victor, his mum called me one-day and said

“I knew from the first day you came to this house, that you will be part of this family…God brought you here for a purpose, and I’m glad everything is working out fine…having two daughters with same name is a full pack of celebration just like your names means, “Obianaujunwa” your parents will always have reason to celebrate…and you will always be celebrated. And this family will be a blessing to you…

Victor proposed during one of the morning devotions, in front of everyone and of course i said a thundered yes,

it was something to talk about as i was on the lips of everyone, “the ordinary cook and her boss… Outside the house people where saying i probably charmed him or put something inside his food which made him to fall in love…alot of things were being said, but non of that affected me because people are entitled to their opinion,

I still cook but not like before, a chef was employed, I only assist her, pending the time a kitchen assistance will be employed.

The plan to travel home to see my people began, we set a date for everything,
Joe was the first to come and congratulate me, he said he has always wanted to tell me how he feels about me, but he knew that the feeling wasn’t mutual because i took him as just a friend, he prayed that God will send somebody he will take as life partner…

we joked that evening and laughed like best friends that we have become,

One day i came into my room and met several miss calls on my phone from a strange number, I quickly called the number back and it was a female voice


“is me Uju…Bibi ..Abimbola…

“hey Bibi…oh mine…is being a while…how are you doing…

“I’m fine…i have being trying to reach you…guess you don’t have my number again…and I totally understand…

“no… I changed my phone..and most contact where saved on my other phone…so was up…how’s Ada…?

“I… Can’t believe you can still sound so well to me after what happened…or even asked of Ada after she threw you out… I really need to see you Ada is in trouble and there’s nobody to call now except you…please Uju…I don’t know if you can help her…

“whatever happened was in the past Bibi…what happened to Ada..

“she’s in police cell since two weeks now… Let me tell you how it happened… I’m not working at the club anymore…i became pregnant last year for my boyfriend….he asked me to stop working at the club of which i have always wanted to do…i moved in with him until i put to birth, after my baby was a year old I started looking for another job and found one in a Supermarket, that’s where i have being but Ada called me last week, that she was arrested for theft, a potential client came to the club and his wallet fell and Ada happened to picked it but even after the guy came back to checked for his wallet, everyone denied seeing it even Ada…so after another week passed the same client came back this time he put a tracker in his wallet and left the wallet with full cash….Ada without knowing there was a tracker picked up the wallet as usual and went home and the man came back after three days, the man came to the club, when the client asked for his wallet everyone denied, he asked one by one and still even Ada denied, he called some police men who came and shut down the club and tracked down the wallet, it was found in Ada’s House, both the old and the new one was found with Ada, but the money was almost gone…that was how she was arrested and she said she has spend some of the money and save the remaining, now the man want his full money or Ada will be locked up to God knows when…please…you are her last hope… Uju…

“my God…why will Ada get herself involve with such…please send me the police station address…

“Thank you Uju…and there’s something i would have love to tell you but i will leave it to later .. Let Ada comes out first because you may change your mind from helping her if you hear of it… One of this days i will love to see you ..i know we both offended you…i wish i can see you in person to show you how i have lived with regrets ever since… I just hope you will forgive me someday….

“Bibi…come on.. All that was in the past…throwing me out of the house was God’s way of turning things around for me…

We spoke and i later ended the call…i told Victor who called the dpo of the police station that Ada was…she was later released… And the money she stole was all paid off by Victor, went with my driver to the station to see her, she was shocked and couldn’t looked up at me no matter how i urged her…she was in a bad condition and i have to admit her into a hospital ..i was so angry with the police men for mishandling a lady the way they treated her like a worst criminal on earth
When she was better i took her home because she was ejected from her house,
I later introduce her to the whole house as my friend and she was given a job as the kitchen assistance…she was crying and couldn’t believe i could care for her despite everything she did

Today Bibi visited and we were all sitting outside as Ada served us, they both looked sober as they said they have something to confess to me, I told them not to bring in the past, throwing me out was in the past but they insisted and said is not just throwing me out that they want to say but something more
I couldn’t figure out what that could be…. I don’t know what exactly they want to confess that’s making them to look so sad…I’m not sure Is something that i will like but after i tried to cut them off from saying it and they still insisted, I decided to hear them out although I’m having mix feeling about what it could be…

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