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Two Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 55
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The officer loosened the handcuffs
and gazed at Richard. His gaze spiked Richard’s eyes and the subsequent pain filled his entire self. They were the only ones in the room, seated at the opposite sides of the desk. A tape recorder stood atop the desk.
“I’d like to ask you some questions,” the officer said.

“I didn’t shoot that man.”
“Just answer the questions, the ones you want to. You have your rights. You have the right to remain silent. Anything said can be brought up and used against you in the court of law. But you should know there could be some costs for silence.”
“What is it you want to ask?”
“Before we begin, I would want you to read this and sign.” He shifted a paper and a pen to Richard. Richard didn’t bother reading and signed. It was the Miranda rights.
The officer pressed a red button on the tape’s recorder.

“The recorder is on. Today is Saturday, March 17, 4:27 P.M.”
Richard nodded.
“What is your full name?”
“Richard Djebah Fayemi.”
“13th Avenue, Lander Close, GRA.”
“Who do you live with?”
“My wife.”
“Any children?”
“What’s your present occupation?”
“I’m the CEO of Erneto Aives.”
“Have you ever met a Bakare Damijo?”
“Mr Richard, where were you at about 3:35 P.M. earlier today?”

“I’m not answering any more questions without the presence of my lawyer.”
“You are sure about that?”
“I am, and I want to make a phone call.”
The officer pressed the recorder’s button and its digits disappeared. “You have a maximum of two calls.”

“I’ll only need one.”
“There is a payphone at that cubicle.” He pointed to the cubicle behind the window. “You can make your call there.”
Richard walked out of the room. A constable followed him to the cubicle and allowed some space. Richard dialled Jide and waited for him to pick. Jide’s voice carried sleep marks. The sleep marks disappeared the instant he heard police station. Richard told him all that happened but the part of his wife being the woman that shot the victim. It wasn’t time to start giving out that information. Not even to Jide.

“There should be something to show the truth. Ivie would bear witness she phoned you, and there should be evidences to support that.”
“Yes, there will be, but I want to make the process faster. I can’t afford to spend the night here, so I would need a good lawyer. I want you to find a very good one.”
“Are the police dumb? Was there not evidence that the victim was not alone in the scene? Were there no footprints or anything resembling that?”
“The ground is covered with grass. I doubt if the police could find anything as good as a print, and they probably were not encouraged to check thoroughly since they found me.”
Jide groaned. “Bad situation,” he said. “Any need for a lawyer? I will contact Ivie, and she will explain to the police.”
“Police matters don’t wind up easy as that, and don’t contact Ivie, at least for now. She should be worried about her friend. I don’t want to add to her worries. The right person to contact first is a lawyer.”
“What about Erneto’s lawyer?”
“I need someone new, a defence lawyer, but if you can’t find someone in the next twenty-four hours, then reach the company’s lawyer.”
“Okay. I’ll be in the station before the day ends.” A screech sounded from his end.
“I doubt if the police will allow you contact me.”
“I’ll try talking to them.”
Richard disconnected. The constable approached him.

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