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Two Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 3
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The shop hadn’t changed except women overpopulated the place, leaving Richard as the only man. Two Venon perfumes stood on the shelf of perfumes. He selected one and walked to the cashier, whom recognized him at first sight. When she learned he was buying another perfume, she sympathised for the stolen and apologized for the incident. It didn’t happen on a good day.
“I found the person who stole the perfume. It was a woman.” He deposited a bunch of money on the counter. The cashier’s face tightened on the news that he didn’t get the thief arrested.

“Why buying a new perf?” She arranged the money in the counting machine and pointed her dark eyelids to him. Her eyelids looked like those of the women modelled on cosmetics cartons, very sharp and black. The counting machine flipped the notes so fast Richard wondered how it managed to make no mistakes.

“The woman broke the first. While running, she had an accident.”

Her cheeks puffed out and her thin nose swelled. It was difficult to establish if that was caused by the news of the broken perfume or the accident.
“She was hit by a car while running? Was she injured?”

“She was. Not very serious.”
She gave Richard a change of four thousand. “My boss told me most female thieves who find their way here are mentally unstable.”

“Insane women?” Richard asked. The Catholic didn’t seem as someone near insane.

“Kleptomaniacs would be a better word. My boss had caught two women and found out they could be suffering from that. They stole items a sane person wouldn’t. She warned us to be vigilant. They could be skilful. Issues like that go beyond normal reasoning. It could be something spiritual.” She signed on an invoice and passed it to him.
He stared at the money-counting machine, waved to the woman and walked away, refusing to accept the excuse of the thief being insane or having spiritual issues. People stole for so many reasons. It wasn’t a new occurrence that should be blamed on insanity or spiritual puppetry from some kind of demon.

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