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Too Late To Claim
 - Season 1 - Episode 11
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We stopped at the boutique to get some attires for myself.

That was when I got to understand what a boutique means.

The clothes were so beautiful and designers made, quite expensive I guessed and I love them so much.

I thanked aunty Abigail for her nice gesture and we continued our journey.

It was quite a long journey from the village to our destination.

There was nothing left to discuss so I quietly la!d my head on the seat of the car and slowly slept off.

I don’t know if it was a traced or dream but I found myself at the bank of a river crying and pleading to cross over to meet mother who was standing on the other side.

I couldn’t swim so I stood crying for help and shouting at her to come over but she only told me to be careful

“Jessy,be careful”.
she shouted again.
I didn’t understand but when I tried to put my legs into the river,I felt a hand pulling me backward.

I gasped and jumped up in fright only to see aunty Abigail starring me,that was when I realized that it was all a dream.

“What’s wrong,i have been calling you for few seconds now and why are you panicking?”
aunty Abigail asked

“Sorry I slept off”
I replied yawning
Are you alright?”
she asked me
“Yes ma”
I replied
She sighed and then said

“I can see you are tired”
“Please how long before we get there ma?”
I enquired

“We are already home dear,you must have really overslept not to notice that the car is not moving””
she responded

I gasped.

Silly me! I turned my head and noticed that we were already inside the compound.

“Come down and get your things” aunty Abigail commanded.

I opened the door and got out of the car.

For few seconds,I became speechless and astonished as I stood by the door of the car gazing at the gigantic mansion.

I couldn’t described what I saw.

It was far from beautiful and I could bet that nobody has ever build this kind of mansion in my village.

The building was almost touching the sky.

I was so engrossed in admiration that I didn’t know when I gasped .

Aunty Abigail understood and she said smiled a little.

Opening the booth,she brought out my bags and hand them over to me.

“Welcome to my small home”
she said

Did she just say small.

Jesus Christ!

I bet from what I am seeing,this building is bigger than my entire village.

Wow!! What a mansion!!

This is indeed a paradise.

I bet happiness is secured living in this kind of house.

One needs not to worry about anything.

I remembered the condition of my former house.

A house that you will have to bend down to gain access into.

I laughed when I remembered how my head used to hit the roof whenever I am going in especially in a hurry to get something and I forgot to bend down.

Mother told me that it was because of the roof,my father had died.

She was in her third trimester when he decided to go the bush to find palm branches in order to fix a new one when a snake bit him and he died.

His death news had come as a shock and she moved into labour that minutes after which I came out.

So that was how I became a bad luck child killing my own father at my birth.

My mood instantly changed and I felt liquid trying to come out of my eyes.

I quickly wiped them away before Aunty Abigail noticed it.

I have already promised her not to cry.
I prayed to have one someday even bigger.
And maybe if I have enough money,I will give my mother a befitting burial.

“Hey let’s go in, this is now your home,you have enough time to look around”

I smiled as I picked up my bags and followed her.

She opened her bag, brought out a key and inserted it in the small hole as she turned it.
The door creaked,she held the knob and further turned it revealing a open entrance.

She entered the house signaling me to follow her in which I did making sure my the sound of my feet is not heard.

“Welcome to paradise”
I spoke to myself and smiled.

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