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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 29
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(let me just disappoint somepeople)

“please don’t harm him,
I pleaded but the call went dead instantly. “What do I do now? They don’t want me to involve the cops, do I even have the money? I hissed and looked around, searching for my shoes. “f--k, this shoe is too high, how do I go about it now? What if there’s need to run? Well, I’ll off it then, I struggled with the shoe and finally wore it. I stepped out of Zipper’s compound, waiting for the said car to come, but it was taking forever to show up. I kept hissing and checking the time, it’s past seven already. “oh God please, help us to come back alive, I said, looking at the sky as if I can see God. Soon a car drove past me but reversed to my front, I couldn’t see the person’s face, he only gave me order to hope in but I wasn’t willing to obey. Two men came out of the car, walking towards me, I started running but what do you expect, I can’t run with hilly shoes so they caught up with me, one carried me on his shoulder, I was struggling and screaming but he bundled me and took me into the car. They blindfolded me with a cloth. I kept struggling, screaming and hitting them to let me go, they concluded in covering my mouth with cello tape. They gripped my two hands, making me powerless, I gave up struggling and started shedding tears which the blindfold didn’t let the tears come out. I don’t know where they were taking me to, I just accepted faith the way it is. We soon arrived somewhere, I don’t really know how long we spent on the way but I kept dozing off on the way. They brought me out of the car, I really don’t know what’s going on, I kept praying for God to deliver me, the placed seemed dark or so I thought. I heard a foot step coming towards me, I started moving back but the men who brought me there, held me firm so I don’t move. “please don’t harm me, please.. I cried but a voice hushed me. The blindfold was later taken off from my eyes, but the place was still dark, then someone put on the light, the cello tape was removed from my mouth. The room was decorated as if there is an occasion, I frowned and wondered what kidnappers would be doing in a place like this. I decided to turn around, just to ask the kidnappers what was going on but the site before me made my jaw dropped. “What the he……. I tried to say but was cut short by….

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you Noge….

Happy birthday to you….

” oh my God, so today is actuall my birthday, jeez.

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