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Added: Sep 18, 2018
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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 22
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“sounds interesting, Zipper stuttered, rubbing his palms together, I was wondering if they’re going to take that huge amount from this old man. “well, let’s go straight to business then, we’ll accept nothing less than 7 million, Zipper said with a straight face, my mouth hung open, I wanted to shout but I couldn’t. “please, I don’t have that kind of money, let me make it 2.5 million, please, Mr Scott pleaded, still shivering. A hot slap landed on his head, making him shout in pains. “you de mad, we resemble people wey come follow you play? Before I count 3,just transfer the money into this account now now, Viper yelled, giving him a piece of paper containing the account details. Mr Scott collected it with shaky hands and quickly did mobile transfer. Zipper’s phone beeped, indicating an alert from the lecturer, he smiled and tapped the lecturer’s beard with his gun, lifting up his face, but the lecturer shut his eyes tightly. “now listen and listen good, if you dare harass her next time or even try to involve the cops, you will be as good as dead, is that understood? Zipper yelled. The lecturer nodded hastily. “good boy, now lye down flat, facing the floor, Zipper instructed, he instantly did without hesitation.[b] “you wanted sex right? Oya that’s the floor, start making love to it, Zipper yelled.

The lecturer hesitated but after receiving a thunderous slap, he instantly obeyed, banging the floor as instructed. The guys spat on him before we left the hotel.

When Zipper and I got home, I wasn’t myself at all. The money they extorted from my lecturer is too much, it wasn’t among the plan, but that old man deserve what he got anyway, he should stay away from women completely. I was deep in thought that I didn’t realize Zipper was in my room already, until he touched me, I jerked but smirked when I realized he was the one. “What’s wrong bae? You’ve been acting different since we came back, Zipper asked. “when am I going back to the campus? I know you’ve resolved the issue with your friends, so please, I don’t think I can stay here anymore, I muttered, nonchalantly. He drew backward and stared at me with an expressionless face before adjusting himself, he later cleared his throat. “we agreed you stay here for a week, it’s just four days today, we still have three days to go, he replied, gazing at me. “I said am tired, can’t you get it? I flared up. He frowned and watched me vibrate with my hands on my waist. “why the sudden haste?

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