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To Find Grace - Season 1 - Episode 9
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“Please my friend, not now, let’s just say I will cross the bridge when we get there” she shrugged and the two went on doing their shopping.

Jena was still recalling the events of the other day, when she heard a car hooting outside. A few minutes later, the servant from the servant’s quarter opened the gate and she heard the car drive in. the kids ran outside cheerfully and Jena slowly followed them.
The issue of hiding things from each other is it makes a couple feel guilty around their partners. Jena could not feel so comfortable with what she was doing and every time she couldn’t help feel Ben was seeing through her lies.

“hey my love, how was your day?” she kissed him helping him with the jacket as Ben entered the house the kids following him with other work items he had carried.
“hey, had a long day and I just want to sleep” Ben sighed casually kissing his wife and walking past her to the bedroom, just then Jena caught the scent of Beer on him, she followed him to the bedroom.
“Have you been drinking?” she asked placing the jacket on the hanger and walking back to Ben who sank deeply on the ben untying his shoes.
“Yep” he answered abruptly
“Yep? Is that all?” she stood before him sighing
“what do you want me to say, I cannot get back home to my wife and have a good time, she is not giving me the attention I am used to, yes I went to drink Jena, I needed to clear my mind cause am sick and tired of waiting to hear what causes my wife to be so cold and distant she won’t look into my eyes straight. What is going on my love? Please let me in” Ben stood straight and held his wife by the waist.

Jena opened her mouth to speak but closed it right back before she could say a thing,
“Am sorry for that Ben, it’s just that I have been having some hard time at work and…” she explained half way but Ben withdrew before she could finish.
“See what am talking about? You have not started work today Jena, I know you and I can feel something is up with you. What I don’t understand is why you taking this in such a manner, we have always doing things together what happened now?” He shook his head.

“If there was need to tell you I would my love but it’s nothing really” Jena responded making her husband even more upset

“There is no need huh? You know what? Am going to take a bath now” he shook his head walking away and leaving his wife watching him in silence. Jena sat on the bed slowly and held her face as she felt tears run down her face.

“Am sorry my love, I have to do this alone” she whispered inside herself.
“I need to have my mind at easy before I could forget my baby” she added and walked towards the bathroom to talk to him and make him feel better knowing he was upset.

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