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To Find Grace - Season 1 - Episode 25
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She had spent the whole day with him till it was dark she had to drive him back to his room before going back to sleep at the lodge.
“Why not just sleep over here?” Jack had asked her

“Well, it’s simple. You are not my husband Jack and I don’t want to make the same mistake my biological mother made” she smiled.

“What was that?”
“Well, she got pregnant before marriage and see the consequences of an early pregnancy, she failed to take responsibility for the baby and here we are, so no, sorry but I cannot risk it. I know and have heard you saying you will honor my wish but its better we don’t do anything to compromise us”
Jack had watched Grace Leave and a few moments later his neighbor walked to him handing him a business card.

“This woman came here looking for you, you missed each other this afternoon and she asked you call her if possible or she might come back.” the guy explained.
“Who was she?” Jack asked not recognizing the number on the card
“I have no idea, call her and find out” the guy responded walking away. Jack dialed the number when he was settled and when a woman answered on the other end she asked who she was

“Am glad you have called me back Jack, there is someone I was looking for and I thought you could help me” the voice stated
“Who are you mam?” he asked
“Am. Um.. Am the mother to the friend to a girl you are going out with, I don’t know if you still are together but my daughter mentioned you and Grace. I came to look for you at your school because I was not able to get hold of Grace I have not seen her for some time now. I just remembered my daughter say something about you and I thought you might help.” Jena lied not wanting to get direct to explaining the truth to him.

“I am not sure I know your daughter but what has Grace to do with all this?” he asked
“Well, the thing is my daughter has been run away from home and am trying to find her. Can you help me with the location of this your girlfriend I can go and check there myself or ask her in person about my daughter?” Jena had asked and Jack could not tell her anything pointing out she was not sure who the women was and was not ready to tell her anything.

Jena had to beg on and on the phone giving her work location and everything about herself to make Jack agree to tell him just where Grace`s home was.

“Even if I wanted to tell you, Grace is not in Monze right now, forget it mam, I cannot do that I need to ask her first” he stated before cutting the line. Unknown to him, the mentioning of Monze had sold him out and being a lawyer Jena`s mission was to find any slight clue to use it to find Grace.

“Who is this person? Could it be the mother to Dingile? But how come? I have not seen that girl from the time Grace left for school “Jack asked himself as he went to bed planning on asking Grace the following day.

“Jena do you still love me?” Ben asked his wife as they sat on the bench at the school where Grace did her senior high school. According to Junior, Grace was at one of the convert schools in Monze and they intended to start looking from there.

Jena looked at her husband and for a moment couldn’t help feel sorry for him. He looked so lost in thoughts his eyes tired. The urge to touch his chin and tell him he was still the love of her life was strong but she pushed back the feeling and sighed closing her eyes and opening them again before speaking.
“I have only given my heart to one man my whole life Ben and that is you. Like some people say, to love is a choice and not only a feeling, so yeah, I still chose to love you Ben” she smiled weakly and Ben held her hand tight he kept staring into her eyes.
“Excuse me, you can now see this teacher, he will help you with the register for the address you are looking for” a female teacher walks to them interrupting their moment.

“Yeah sure, thank you so much madam” Jena smiled at the lady and the two followed a gentleman leading them into another office.
“What was the name of the child again?” he asked upon settling down
“Grace Mwape, oh no sorry it is Grace Mulenga” Jena quickly corrected recalling the surname Junior had mentioned.

A few minutes later, the man had given them the indicated address from the register and the two walked to the car Jena`s hands shaking Ben had to hold her tight
“are you alright? Let me drive now” he looked at her and she nodded her head in agreement.

“I feel so nervous all of a sudden, my God I hope this place is the one finally.” She sighed closing her eyes as she tried to calm her nerves.

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