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To Find Grace - Season 1 - Episode 21
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“That is something I never saw coming Jena, are you sure?”

“Am 100 percent sure uncle, It was just a feeling earlier but now I even have proof she never died. Anyway the thing is we were in the middle of the search before Ben went back to his girlfriend after promising to never do it again. Am not going back home Uncle, I still have some days before going back for work and I am not going to stay in the same house as that traitor, not until I find a way of living by myself with my kids”
“no, you will do no such thing Jena, you cannot leave me alone” Ben`s voice cut her short she and her uncle turned to look at him
“Ben what are you doing here?” Jena`s uncle asked

“Am here to get my wife Uncle. I have looked for her since morning and after searching all places in Lusaka I thought she could be at, I figured she mighty have come to you. I can explain it all Uncle, I have not done anything I swear” Ben spoke pleadingly his voice cold with sadness.

“Am not getting anything from him Uncle, please tell him to leave me alone. Please am tired and all I need is some rest” Jena shook her head trying to push up the tears that had blinded her eyes.

“Please hear me out, I have not done anything.”

“Well, since you cannot stay away from me, I will leave you here. please let me have some peace for a moment Ben, God knows how much I have endured this pain the past weeks, please let me find peace please in God`s name I beg you. What have I done to deserve this Uncle? What have I done or maybe not done, see what I was saying, maybe God is still punishing me for giving away a newly born baby. This will haunt me for life Uncle. “She poured her heart out feeling weak her BP was getting low again she could feel herself go down.

“calm down Jena please, look what you are doing to yourself, just calm down” the uncle spoke comforting her as Ben trued to get close but he looked at him and shook his head.
“Not now Ben, just go home and let her calm down, there is nothing that can be said with her being like this, you know her BP gets so low sometimes and that is not good.

“Okey, please watch her for me, am sorry” Ben sighed wiping the tear from his face and walking out painfully
“Aawwwwwww!” he yelled in his palms when he got in the car feeling anger and pain his gullet was painful. He placed the key in the ignition and drove like a mad person back to Lusaka.

“she will know better than mess me up” he spoke to himself as he headed direct to Chipo`s house.

He could not even knock when he got there, just rushed through the door with a bang and screamed her name.

“Chipo! Chipo! Come out dammit!” he screamed and she came out slowly smiling at him
“What now? Why are you yelling like a mad man?” she chuckled and before she could say anymore, Ben was on her throat grabbing her to the wall angrily.

“What do you want from me you b****, what did I ever do for you to destroy my life like this?” he screamed in her face his fist trembling as the other hand kept the grip on her throat.

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