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To Find Grace - Season 1 - Episode 20
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“Jena calm down now, you cannot keep like this. You have to stay strong for your kids” Jena`s uncle spoke softly rubbing her back. She looked at his white head and moustache and shook her head tears falling down,
“Uncle, you know me very well, I couldn’t have come here if this was not this bad for me. Can you imagine after finding the two in his office, I run away to our home. Well, I gave him yet another chance, thinking like he had told me in his explanation, she was going on to him. I hated to know the truth about the woman destroying my marriage being that Chipo. Well, I tried, I swear I tried to push it away just to receive a phone call from my husband`s line and guess who answers on the other end? “she pauses looking at her uncle.

“Chipo again” he responded shaking his head.
“Yeah. Not only does she answer my husbands phone, she tells me he loves her and am not doing it for my husband anymore. She called me names Uncle. I had no words, I listened to her talk like I was an idiot until Bens voice cut in I heard them fight for the phone on the other side, I just had to cut it, I could not take it anymore” she cried
“Am sorry, am so sorry Jena, I will call Ben and talk to him. Am sure there must be some explanation to all this, I know he is a good man what has gone wrong now? “Jena`s uncle asked disappointed.
“I was married to your aunty Nelly for years and I never even once cheated on her. Yes the temptation was there sometimes but we have been given the ability to overcome especially as Christians. Nelly was a difficult person may her soul rest in peace, but I loved her and respected her as my wife till the end. This way Ben is taking will lead him to doom” the old man complained feeling sad for his niece. The woman he had seen grow from a little girl to a successful lawyer and a good mother. He felt her pain and looked her face seeing how she looked tired and puffy in her eyes.

“I know this is hard for you my child. I know at the same time you are stronger than this, you will stand up and smile again you will see” her uncle sighed
“Andrew! Come here with a bottle of water for your aunty” he called out to his grand child who was the daughter to his first born daughter Tina. He waited for the boy to bring the water which he handed it to Jena
“Here, drink some water it will calm you down.” He breathed out as he watched her in silence.

“You look bad my dear, what is really going on apart from your issues with Ben?” the uncle asked holding her hand.
“Oh Uncle, you know sometimes I feel like am the most blessed person in the world and cursed at the same time. Every time my happiness is almost complete something just comes up and messes me up. Just look at me. I have a good Job, I have two beautiful Kids and until recently I had a wonderful and faithful man by my side. But there is always something pulling me down” Jena wept her heart feeling deep hurt and pain.
“What now? You can tell me you know that”
“It’s something we never wanted to involve you people till we proved and found the entire truth but I guess I cannot hold it from you anymore. We found out Grace never died in that car burn uncle, she was kidnapped and all these years we lived thinking she was dead” Jena went on giving her uncle the details of what they had found out.

“That is something I never saw coming Jena, are you sure?”

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