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To Find Grace - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“What did you say?” Jena asked the guy she was talking to.

“No ways, I just saw that kind of person on my way in here, you mean this Jack has left already?” she sighed holding her face feeling her heart beat faster.

“Sure mam, but his room is just across the road, you will see the small flats painted brown he lives in the third one from the left” the guy explained pointing towards the road side.

“Thank you my dear, I was just told to wait here that he was supposed to be in the exam room, anyway, let me get there. Thank you again” Jena smiled at the young man and strolled back to the car.

she was just driving out and saw a RAV 4 Joining the road she waited for it to pass facing the other way to check for on coming vehicles and went past the road to the small flats.

“Excuse me, which house is for Jack?” she asked some young men walking out of a room.
“It’s that same one mam” one of them responded.

“Is he around? I was told he just came back from the class?”
“Am sorry, you just missed him, someone picked him up a few minutes ago you must have seen the white RAV 4 just leaving “the young man added pointing at the direction the car had gone to.

“Oh my God! Not again” she sighed sadly.
‘any problem mam?” the guy asked seeing Jena frowning.

“No, no problem. Just I have missed him twice now. Anyway tell him I came to see him and will probably come back later” she smiled before leaving.

“You look good, with this car am afraid I won’t be able to catch up with your standards” Jack laughed teasingly as Grace drove them both towards town.

“My God, will you stop talking nonsense I had to sacrifice to come all this way just to see you. My mother was on me and you have no idea what I had to do to get her to give me this car. So spare me the jokes “she chuckled increasing the speed as the road straightened ahead of them.

“I know Grace, I appreciate that you came, you have no idea how fast I wrote that exam just to get away to see you. I missed you a lot you know “Jack spoke seriously this time looking at Grace`s face. She smiled at him without looking at his face.
“I know” she shrugged

“You know? Is that all?” Jack raised his voice

“I missed you too Jack, it’s been long, I didn’t ever think I would miss you like this. “she laughed softly.
“I love you” Jack responded without warning and it was the first time ever he was mentioning it direct to her.

“What?” Grace played deaf for a moment.
“Stop will you, just stop this already” he shook his head knowing how hard it had been getting her to agree for them both being in love.

“What, what did I do this time?” she looked at his face for a second and back at the road.
“Well, let’s just drive then shall we. Just tell me everything about Italy and school” he quickly changed the subject.

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