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There And Back On Time - Season 1 - Episode 41
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Entrance Into The Biz

Germany Dilemma

I had returned to Brandenburg in the early
hours of Saturday. I collected my key from
IYI, the lady receptionist and went up to my

I had kept my key with her because I shared
the room with a Camerounian man..
When I settled down, I called Agnes to tell her
that I was back in the HEIM. She said she had
left the HEIM too. She had traveled to Berlin
to stay with her cousin since there was no
business for ladies in the HEIM. She said she
would return at the end of the month for her

I slept afterwards and When I woke up, I went
to Johnson’s room to ask him what they did
for money in the Camp.

There was no need to ask because as soon
as he opened the door for me to enter, I
saw a heap of Marijuana. He was putting
them in small satchets of 1g (gram) each.
He explained that they pack them in 1g and
sell them to the young Germans outside. He
said each one of them cost 8 euros or 2 for
15Euros. He said I could sell 1 for 7.50 if the
buyer had the change.

I sat down and joined him to pack the weeds
inside the small satchets.
Since we were not measuring the marijuana
to make sure it was actually more or less
than 1g, he explained that I had to make sure
that it was less instead of more.
We finished tying 100g of Marijuana and we
got 110 satchets instead of 100 satchets.
It was fun as I learnt the ropes.
That afternoon, Johnson gave me 15 satchets
and asked me to follow him. We went outside
the HEIM and buried our goods on the

ground along the road, then we started
loitering along the roads like I had seen when
I first came. There were other people too.
Most of the customers already had their
phone numbers. They usualy called before
coming. Whenever I saw a customer coming, I
would rush to him or her only to be told that
he or she had called Johnson or Jordan or
Tony or one of the Fulani people from
Guinea. They would laugh at me. They all even
knew each other’s customers because when
Jordan’s customer showed up without call,
every other person would allow Jordan to

These terrorists sold all their goods while my
15 pieces remained buried in the ground. I
nearly weeped.

An hour into the business, most of them
went upstairs inside the HEIM, I remained
outside. I was determined to make a sale.
Two minutes after they left, a young girl,
about 18 years strolled up to me and said
” has du grass”(do you have grass) ( they
called it grass).

I didn’t understood German but what else
could she be asking me?
I nodded and stretched my hand for money

*Attaboy, no dulling. Pay before service. The
perfect businessman had arrived in
Brandenburg. The Dangote of Marijuana*
She looked at me curiously. She had not seen
my face before and didn’t know if I sold good grass or not.

*There were different types of grass sold
there as at then.

etc *

” Wo ist Tony” (where is Tony) she asked.
*Why was this girl asking for Tony while I
was there*

I looked back and saw Tony coming.
The girl had called him on the phone.
Tony gave her two satchets and went back

*What kind of wickedness was that, I thought.
How could he come down to grab 15Euros
that nearly entered my hand?*
That was it, I had had enough.
I digged up my Goods and went upstairs. They
were all in the kitchen when I came up. They
asked how much I sold and when they found
out I had sold nothing, they joked and laughed
at me.

In the evening of the same day, I followed
them down again. Although I was discouraged
to follow them but there was nothing else to

I buried my Goods again inside the same
spot and went far ahead of them to look for

Sure, they had to be new customers who
didn’t have their numbers.

Luckily for me, I got one man. The problem
was the language. Those skin heads didn’t
understood ”give me money” in Any other
language except German.

I stopped the man and asked for money in
English, he didn’t bulge. I asked for it in Igbo,
no way. Finally I stretched my hand. He
understood that one and gave me A 50euro

” sieben’ ich mochte sieben” he said while
sticking out seven fingers.

I counted the fingers and there were seven
of them.

There and then, I learnt that seven was
sieben in German

*Worthy to note here was that I learnt
German through such methods. I never
studied German for a day. I just learnt it
from the streets in the three and half years I
spent in the streets of Germany*

The problem was that Johnson didn’t cover
the Area of selling 7 satchets for 50euro. It
was his goods and I didn’t have money to
replace the balance.

I refused and sticked out six fingers. He
asked for his money back.

*Money that had touched my palms, no way*.
I motioned him to follow me down to my shop
(the ground where I buried the goods)
As I digged to get my goods, it was no
longer there. Someone had taken it. Someone
who knew where I hid it. One of my people
had taken my goods.

I stood like a tree deciding whether to give
the man his money back or run away with it.
Johnson had seen me, digging the ground
while looking for the goods. He came down
asked what happened, I told him.
He had taken it by himself.
He brought out the goods and handed them
over to me.
After selling to the German man, I followed
Johnson up for more lessons.
*I had hidden the goods in a less than six
inches hole but when I was searching for it, I
had dug over 15 inches.*

We sat down in his room as he began his
lessons on Drug 101.

Lesson 1 : Never waste too much time with a
customer. Seal the sale as fast as possible.
Lesson 2: Don’t ever let your goods out of
sight unless a trusted person was watching
over it or unless you were absolutely sure
nobody saw where you kept it.

Lesson 3:*****
(These lessons shouldn’t be published online.

Not for now, maybe in a book if I ever decide
to write. A lot of teenagers follow this topic
and it would be a dangerous thing to teach
them the rules of a drug dealer.. Any
interested party can contact me especially if
you are already into the business. There is
no guarantee that I will teach you anything. I
have retired from the business. I am in
Nigeria at the moment and I am looking for a
wife. I want to have a family before going
anywhere again. All these quest for money
usualy gets at a stage where you understand
that it is all vanity).

After the lecture, I took more goods
downstairs and into the cold weather of
Eastern Germany..


I downloaded google earth and googled up
our heim.





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