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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 16
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hiding watching the afoot with matchets as the hefty one who seem to be thieir leader yelled at him.

“no..t m..e, sir”he stutter with visible fear, he look more confused and unaware of the certain danger facing him right to his face.
“kill him!”the hefty one ordered, which made the other two to charge towards scared Victor who made to escape but was cut short by matchet blows.

“Aaaah!”he screamed and winced in pains as deep cut appear in his body with blood spilling out his body.
“leave him!he did not rape me”yelled at them, she does not look like someone whom has lose her sanity anymore but a complete human in the right frame senses to the surprise of the vigilantees.
“continue, make sure he dies”the leader commanded which made the others to continue the butcher at this point Victor could not scream anymore.
“stooooop!”the Ancient tree priest appeared from the thick dark night with venom in his voice as he yelled out them which made everyone to run away, he walks towards Victor then stare at him shake his head while looking at the lifeless body on the ground.
“you challenge the gods to a dance but could not complete your dance steps, it is a pity!son of Anieke! I curse you and those who are involved”he shouted as thunder strike and tress start shaking while leaves leave the branches.

“Toni, why are you crying”I look at little Toni crying uncontrollably on the chair facing me.
“, is it..the end”he ask as he sniffle, his red eyes keep flowing tears I nodded as response.

“do he have to die?”he ask unconvincingly of VIctor’s action worth death penalty.
“he has to die!no sin shall go unpunished on Earth, to attain poetic justice he has to die in the story”I answered him as I relax my old bones on the sofa board.
“papa, who do we blame for his death?”little Toni ask me, but am just the story teller he should have provide the answer.
“Toni oooh”his mother called from inside the kitchen.
“go and meet your mother, Toni”before he left he made me promise him another story, I hope you enjoyed the story, who do you blame for Victor’s death, me and Toni say a big thank you for reading.

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