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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 15
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the compound.

“mama ooh, it is brother Richard”
Victor shouted happily as the couple step down from their car, he rush to them and hug both of them then greet the couple.

“My son and his wife”Mrs Agness emerge from the room calling them both, while she hug both of them then bless both like every Africa woman will do with songs.

“Victor!, drop those things I brought for mama from back of the car”Richard said, while his wife and mama walk inside the house, Victor stood behind them admiring his wife butt0ckz licking his lips in the process, when they are out of sight he carried the foodstuffs inside.

back in the sitting room everyone is sitted “mama, I returned to take Victor to the city”Richard announce in the sitting room, his mother did not protest she is already tired of her son’s misbehaviour on the other hand Victor is very happy to see the city.

“when are we going brother?”
he asked his brother looking impatient, his brother inform him to park his things that by tomorrow morning they will be leaving the village for the city, he left them and went inside to park, after doing so he dress up to walk around the village for last tour.

“that boy resemble the boy I cut that day ooh!”
three sitted vigilantess sitted beside the road on a fallen mango tree the hefty one said pointing at a direction of a boy going towards left in the extreme left of the T-junction road “na true ooh, I remember that shirt”the slender one added, they all resolved to trace him from behind to see if he is upto something.

while Victor is walking a car suddenly speed towards him and abruptly stopped, a man from the front seat jump down from the car force out a lady that is unkempt and almost nude only with her [email protected] from the car and speed-off while Victor watch in awe.

he yelled at them, and watch the body on [email protected] dusting the dust off her body, she look busty to him he look at her lustfully he decided to mind his business.

“they say make I sU-Ck, I sU-Ck them now I don mad”the lady on [email protected] sing demonstrating, Victor turned to see this e----c demonstration and got turned on, he release his hard d--k while the lady on [email protected] drop to the ground shove his d--k inside her mouth.

“oooh, uummmm”
he scream while vibrating then fall, he wake up minutes later looking at everything around him strangely and he look confused.

“eehn! so na you be the Village Rapist?”
the three vigilantees re-appeared from the bush where they have been…

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