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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 14
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his matchet and give Victor a blow which made him cry out in pains “ooooh !”but the chaser step on a stone which made the matchet fall off his hand and he stumble to the ground before his colleague could reach where he is Victor is out of sight “em don escape”the slow one who came to help him up said “I cut am matchet”the stronger one said “make we go tell Chief”the two vigilantees left there to see the Chief in the village hospital.

on the road leading to a red gate Victor is seen staggering while holding his left arm where blood is gushing out from, he stagger to the gate and kick it open angrily Mrs. Agness is shock to see a cut on her son arm “Victooor!what happen to you?lets take you to the hospital”Mrs. Agness said holding her son arms to see the cut but Victor release himself from her hold and walk inside considering her suggestion.

back at the hospital the two vigilantees rush into the little building meeting a nurse who is coming from entrance hallway she pointed to a room at their left they both thank her and rush inside the room to see Chief with the two vigilantees that help to bring his daughter to the village hospital “Chief!we could not catch him but I gave him a cut”he said showing Chief the blood stained matchet which made Chief smile “both of you !go meet the town crier to announce round the village anybody that has a cut should be reported to me, I will pay him really good”the Chief ordered which made their two to leave immediately.

back at Victor’s house he considered his mother suggestion but he thought of something then walk inside his room and lock himself inside the room while his mother look at the door then shake her head then walk to the chair start praying for her son welfare.

in the thick dark night a voice is heard saying “people of Oshigba!if you find anybody with a newly cut, report to our village chiefs oooh!you will be paid oooh”the town crier said.

Mrs. Agness was up already stamping her foot anticipating for Victor to emerge from his room, the moment she sighted Victor she rise to her feet “wetin you do Chiefs them?”Mrs. Agness ask her son who look confuse, she quickly raise Victor short sleeve to show him the cut on his hand that made her ask such question but find nothing to show him what looks like cut she was surprise.

the tension in the room was reduce by a horn of a car at the gate “poo poo poo”Victor left his mother to open the gate while the car drive into the..

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