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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 12
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In a well furnished sitting room a woman is busy knotting a man’s tie “Honey, dont you think is hightime we bring Victor to live with us”his wife said while helping her husband with his tie “lets talk about it when I return from work”the man said and pick his briefcase and left the room while his wife settled on the chair.

“woman!where is Amaka my daughter?”
Chief Emeka ask his wife immediately he park his bicycle with serious tune “umm.. I sent her an errand”his wife said knowing too well she is lying, he nod his head “where do you send her to?”he walk pass her carrying the magic pot given to him by Ezedibia “eehn… she have not come back home since she left home at 7pm”Mrs. Blessing said walking backwards incase it is a running affair her three legged husband will not caught up with her easily “what!you mea…”he did not complete his statement but walk hastly into the house pick a matchet and re-appear back which made his wife flee from the compound, he care less of her reason for running “my bride price oooh”he cried silently as he quicken his footsteps.

two female stand at the entrance of a compound chatting happily “Nkechi, I need to go!”Ada said to her friend who have refuse to let her go “ah ah!you visited not quite long ooh”Nkechi complained which made her friend to tell her the reasons she has to go home, “let me walk you to that tree”Nkechi suggested which both the friends continue their gisting and strolling on the road.

Victor emerge from the room stretch his bones like someone who have been sleeping “dont tell me you are going out!”his mother said holding the torch pointing towards the gate to show that she has padlocked it, Victor ignored her and take a cup of water to wash his face but suddenly drop the cup on the floor which made kpakara sound, he look all corners of the house then rush inside the house returned with white short and blue t-shirt, Mrs. Agness sensing this strange habit she tried standing up from the seat to halt Victor from leaving the compound but she could not do so, Victor run to the gate then hit on the padlock then growl like angry wolve then drag the gate open run through it, which surprise Mrs. Agness so much, how did he get through the gate when she has locked it with the biggest padlock in the house.

four boys with black on black with matchets sitted on the grass smoking cigaratte gisting and drinking beer, Victor is seen on the same road standing in the middle…..

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