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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 11
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“my daughter is a virgin ooh!if I allow her to be disflower by this b-----d, her bride price will reduce”
he said thoughtfully then snap out of his thought to see his fellow Chiefs quarrelling “my fellow elders!”he calm both of them down with some elderly advice with encouragement for solution for their problems “my fellow Chiefs, are we going to allow this to continue?”he pause and look at their faces for their reactions “aru!”they both chorused with venom voices “we need vigilantees in this village before our wives will be next in line”he said with scary voice which all of them agree that vigilantee should guard the village during the night hours.

in Chief Emeka’s house “my husband!what are you doing packed like someone that is going on a journey?”his wife asked him with her arms akimbo wondering what made her husband to make such hasty decision without informing her “you are not aware of the rain that is falling in this village, I will not let it to get to my roof before doing something”Chief Emeka said tighten his load on his bicycle, his wife is surprise by her husband statement she is still wondering when rainfall is now a curse “my darling husband, where are you travelling to?”she ask placing her palm on his back, Chief Emeka ignored her and mount on his bicycle then paddle away “am going to see Ezedibia of Ikatu village”he shouted to his wife hearing then ride out from his wife sight.

“Son of the Ancient Tree!”
Ezedibia called out to Chief Emeka who have settled at his front with red cap off from his head the hut is decorated with Africa deity colors with some bones, cowries, and chalk drawings on the wall “am here to know who has been raping o….”Ezedibia did not allow him to finish then shouted at him “taaarh!he cannot been known”he pointed at him with red eyes, Chief Emeka was surprise by his outburst “can I protect my virgin daughter from it?”Chief Emeka ask if he say no he already decided to take his daughter away from the village afterall she can write her WAEC anywhere “yes!”Ezedibia said which made him beaming with smiles, “take this!make sure she rub it for a week, she is virgin right?”Ezedibia ask Chief Marshal he nodded then accepted what he gave him with open palms the drop some money inside a calabash and left the shrine.

“this man is not yet back!”Mrs. Blessing complained to no one as it is already late her husband is not yet home, she heard a bicycle sound she rise from her seat…

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