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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 10
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he stand at his wood gate fenced with palm leaves round the mud house, he turn on the torch then face it to the road the light rays illuminate the road.

back at Chief Marshal’s house “where is this woman?”he asked no one in particular he walk to the kitchen to check if his wife is there but find no one “mama Ada”he called repeatedly walking towards the back of the house “my husband, sorry!I went to pick fresh pepper in the backyard”she said looking directly to her worried sick husband “I am going to check on Ada, since I sent her message she is not yet back”he said turning away from his wife walking directly into the room, he appeared back with hunter’s gun and torchlight “ehn, my husband are you going with that?”his wife inquired he ignored her continue going to the road that leads to Ogadi’s house.

“ooh, aah!ummmh”Victor groaned as he empty his seeds deep inside Ada butthole, he look back to see torch light illuminating the road, he quickly buckle his belt and flee “who is that?”Ogadi putted the torch to the body of Ada lying unconciously inside the bush “aru!”he exclaimed and rush to the body.

“my legs, ouch!hmm”
Ada crying voice is heard by her father who is approaching with his riffle with rage “is that not my daughter’s voice”he thought to himself and quicken his footsteps “what happen to her?”he cross Ada’s left hand round his shoulder to enable her walk “I saw her lying inside the bush”Ogadi replied Ada’s father “this idiot will pay with his life !”he said thoughtfully with mean voice.

“mama, open this door naa”Victor bang on the door non stop like a barking dog, the door open but his mother block the space to go in “where are you coming from ?”Mrs. Agness ask like someone who have someone at her mercy, Victor sensing it he kindly sit on the verandah floor whistling regardless of his mother piercing and question eyes “when you are done whistling, you come inside”his mother said and left the door open for him to go in, Victor stand up from where he is sitting “yesss!”he exclaimed jumping happily as he stroll like a boss into the house then slam the door shut.

In the Village town hall “my elders, do you know what happened to Chief Ade’s daughter also happened to my daughter”Chief Marshal said resting his weight on his walking stick “you mean the ashawo that you have as a daughter?”Chief Ade chirp in with mocking tone which angered Chief Marshal they both quarrel but Chief Emeka is absent-minded with….

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