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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 37
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'' MY name was Awiti Mulonga, I was born in Mogadishu Somalia on July 20' 1985. I had been kidnapped by some group of men who kept me until some soldiers rescued me through a gun battle. The soldiers took me to a hospital managed by the red cross society. It was the red cross that brought me to Europe. We were 5 in numbers that followed the red cross to France. Then two of us ran away in the night. We found a man in France who promised to help us. He took us to his house and gave us food. Then one evening, he had came into our room and raped me while the other girl went out. (''this is where you start crying'' I reminded her'') (she nodded and continued).

He threatened to throw me out of the house if I said a word of the rape to anybody. When the other girl returned, she found out what had happened. Then she suggested that we ran away.

The following day when the man was out of the house, we ran out of the house and entered a train.
(This is where you stop crying if the Germans didn't pet you to stop by themselves.)
When the ticket conductors controlled us in the train, they found out that we had no ticket. They took us and handed us to the Police who later took us to a place where we were documented.

I was sent here while the other girl was sent to a place where I didn't know.
* I also conducted the Q&A session*

Solo: What about your parents ?

Awiti : I never met my mother. They said she died when I was a kid. I grew up in a 'motherless babies home'.

My father was a soldier, I have not heard from him for years.

Solo: Which other country in Africa would you like us to send you?

Awiti: California

Solo: Would you recognize the red cross people who brought you if you see them

Awiti: No (while shaking your head).

Solo: Would you like to be sent back to Somalia

Awiti: No (start crying again if you can).

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