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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 83
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You would go to any Nigerian Embassy in Europe to get an International Passport bearing the names of the original applicant. That meant that you would be bearing another name for the rest of your life as long as Europe was concerned.
Another option was to send your data to Nigeria where a new Passport would be produced for you but with the names on the application you had purchased.
People from other European Countries also applied in Portugal by sending their datas to someone in Portugal to apply for them or traveled there to apply in Person..( I will end the permit lecture here for now. The back door procedures and more will soon be available)

In my own case, Jordan, my friend in Brandenburg had called Francis in Portugal who said there was an approved application that was available. That was the second reason behind my chosing Portugal, the first being that it was closer to Africa.
The following day after I arrived, some set of papers, supposed to have been the approved application was presented to me by Francis. It had belonged to Obinna, a Oji River man who looked and behaved like a scammer. I hated him because I believed in hustling and not scamming.

It was written in Portuguese which made it difficult for me to understood. I was told to pay 4000 euros before the papers would be given to me. The deal was shady and since there was no guarantee whatsoever that it was genuine, I refused to pay.
Rather I asked Francis to help me apply for a new one. I wanted something with my real names anyway and I was not in a hurry to leave Portugal.

I needed rest and Lisbon was perfect. Things were cheaper there, I was paying 200 a month euros for my room inside the flat where we lived. They sold Okro in the open markets just like in Oshodi Lagos. Half of the residents were Black too. Their transport system was cheaper.
Francis agreed to help me run my own application after I promised to pay him 1000 euros. It was a big money for him since they were all hungry over there in Lisbon. They were doing Obra jobs ( concrete and mason) to sustain themselves over there.
They had asked me to join them since I was just idle in LISBON but when I found out that they were paid peanuts, I refused. I had money anyway.

The following day, Francis took me to the Nigerian Embassy to get registered. When we got there, there was only one old woman seated behind a desk. She demanded for 200 euros before she wrote my names down as a Nigerian living in Portugal. They were all hungry, even the embassy workers. The Nigerian government had refused to send them International passport production machine which was the only thing that generated money. People who lived in Portugal were forced to go to other European countries to get their International Passports.
In my own case, I had decided to get mine from Nigeria and it turned out to be the biggest mistake I ever made about resident permit...

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