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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 79
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They offered me a seat in the palour while
they went into their various rooms to
freshen up and change. A few minutes later,
Lisa showed up with a bottle of Mexican
Pinacolada wine. She opened it and filled
two empty glasses. She explained that her
partner doesnt drink much. We sipped the
wine slowly and chatted until it became
clear to them that i was not going back to
my place that night.

''where are you from'' Lisa asked from
''Nigeria'' i fired back.
* I was in Portugal now and i didnt care
what the Nazi skinheads would do. This is
Portugal, a stone throw to North Africa.
I was just looking for Papers. I had money
already and didnt fear being sent to Africa
i Had shipped over 30 vehicles from
Germany plus some cash i sent to my mum
to bank for me. The Germans can send me
home for all i care*

''What are you doing in Portugal'' Lisa asked.
'' i came from Germany today and i am
looking for a residence permit'' i said.
- i was tired of lying and i figured out that
the fastest way to get whatever you want is
to open up yourself and start telling the

'' i could help you but it will cost you a lot
of money'' Lisa said.
-Things were getting better-
I was drunk and didnt want to pursue that
topic for the fear of making a mistake. So i
asked Lisa to forget the issue and we will talk
about it another time.

A few minutes later, Edora said out of no
where that i should come inside and sleep
on her bed. I declined, insisting that the
chair was comfortable enough. She insisted

that i follow her; and i did.

- who am i to say NO-
I was surprised to find out that it was just a
bed for two people and there was no other
place i was going to sleep except on that
same bed with her. My excitment was
building up, my blood was getting hot and
my J0yst!ck had just started getting hard. I
removed my clothes and wondered where
and how i was going to hide my money.
I decided to leave the money inside the jean
trouser and take my chances. Afterall i had
more in Germany which they would Send if i
ask for it. I went to the bathroom and
showered after they had finished showering.
Then i lay with my back on the bed and
stared at the concrete ceiling.

Edora crawled onto the bed, switched of the
main light bulb, switched on the reading
light at the head of the bed and said
'' Do you like Sex''

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