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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 76
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Lisbon Portugal: I had left Berlin Germany
and landed in this strange city called Lisbon.
It was in a bid to acquire European
residence permit. The laws in Germany says
that one must either have a Child with a
German woman or marry a german citizen
before you get their papers. Some of us who
never wanted anything like a child or a
woman to tie us down in one part of this big
universe chose to look elsewhere for the

Another reason was that the German police
were closing in on me. They had found some
illegal drugs in my room and had fixed a
date for my court appearance. It was time to

I had the money afterall, so i can afford to
spend even 20,000 Euro just to get the
papers rather than one woman holding me
down in one country for over 10 years in the
name of marriage.
I had left Berlin that warm afternoon
through Berlin Schonefeld airport to Palma
de Majllorca Spain and then Lisbon Portugal.
It took over two hours and at a time, i
wondered if we were going back to Africa. I
came out of the airport and boarded a taxi
to the city center. Jordan, my Nnewi friend
in Germany had given me a number of
Francis, his brother who lived in Lisbon. I
had sent some money to Francis to secure a
place for me in Lisbon before my arrival
which he did.

Francis waited for me at Madrid Hotel near
Elephant Blanco Hotel before i arrived. He
shook my hand and motioned me to follow
him. He took me to a three bedroom flat
where he had secured a room for me. I

entered my room and unpacked my bags.
- for those who has never been to central or
western Europe, most of the apartments and
rooms usually have everythiing you need.
You just pack in with your bags-
I took my bath and joined Francis in the
palour. He was playing Poker with two other
guys whom i later learnt lived in the same
flat. Their names were Vitus and Kennedy.
Vitus came to Portugal from Holland for the
same purpose like me while Kennedy was a
football player who rented the flat with his
I announced my arrival with ''Ekene diri
Unu''. An Igbo sentence that translated to ''
Greetings unto you''.

They welcomed me warmly and i rightly
guessed that they were anticipating my
I sat down and watched the TV while they
played their poker game.
One hour later, i told Francis that i wanted
to go outside and look around the city.
Something i loved doing each time i visit a
new city.

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