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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 72
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Victor in the other hand had started walking. I would take him to the city alone while Agnes rested. I would buy him toys and foods etc. He started calling me daddy. He became my son and as a result, I took care of them.
Agnes started saving money for her mom. She said she wanted to send some money to her mom and the younger sister Winnie who both lived in Kampala Uganda. She said her mom required 300 euros to start a mini poultry back home.

I sent the money to her mother in Uganda. The woman wanted to thank me on the phone but I refused to talk with anybody. I lied to Agnes that I didn't want my voice to travel to any other Country in Africa except Cameroun. I told her that I had stopped calling my Country Nigeria.

I didn't want to get too involved with them. It can only mean sending more money to them and not the other way round. I eventually got involved with Her sister Winnie but that was just on the phone. She once said on the phone that she wanted to come tp Europe too. I added her phone number on the reject list of my phone and she stopped calling me.

The day I waited for arrived one afternoon. Nnamdi Michael Ndifor knocked on my door.
I opened up asked what it was. He knelt down instantly and begged me not to continue the punishment. He said he was wrong. He begged for what he said to Agnes, he begged for his bad ego and he begged for looking down on me. I gave him a further one week suspension before I opened my wings for him.
A month after I opened my empire to him, he bought a mercedes E220. ( he still drives the car in Nigeria. We ran into each other at Mgbuka Obosi Onitsha two months ago. We will come to that some day)
Sometime in 2004, Agnes had totally cut off John or the other way round. John had visited our HEIM to see his son sometime in early 2004. I hosted his visit. I took him around town and bought him drinks and food. Then I saw him off together with Agnes before he got into the train and went back to whatever German hole he lived.

But after that visit, he had stopped coming and Agnes never said anything about him again. I once asked but she ignored the question but when I persisted, she cried and I never asked again... It was me she wanted and she succeeded. Yes, she finally captured the kingpin and her life changed..

When I brought out my silver gun, everybody was ready to run but I told them not to worry. The target was the prisoner who got out after serving my prison terms for me. I leaked the gun information so that they will send a message to Sandis the prisoner. He needed to know that I was ready for war and that I had graduated from ordinary dealer to an armed drug dealer.
After showing off the gun, I took to Johnson's place outside the HEIM and left it inside my traveling bag which I had kept in his house. He didn't know a gun was in it. I didn't know what his reactions would be if he found out I had a gun and that I kept it with him, so I decided not to tell him.

As expected, the news of a gun in the HEIM had circulated. A certain Nigga had brought a gun into the HEIM.

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