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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 65
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It was almost funny. These people had prepared for war should incase they met resistance. They must have thought that we dealt on hard drugs. But then they were some Arabs living in the HEIM and dealing on drugs as well. Maybe they had guns.
The police man tore the base of the chair with the dagger and brought out the drugs. He put them together with my measurement scale on the table and used his walkie talkie to call their leader.

The head of the Kripo ( Kriminal Polizei) came up to my room and saw the drugs on the table. He then called the media lady to come with her video camera.
They took pictures of the drugs and the pictures of me. Then they asked me to stand near the drugs for a picture. I asked them why. One of them said it was to show that they found the drugs with me.
I asked them what was inside the bags on the table, they just looked at me as if I was stupid.
I asked them to tell me what it was, one of them said there were drugs. I faked a surprise and asked them what they wanted to do with it. I told them that the bag didn't belong to them and that they should leave it for the owner.

The Kripo leader explained to me that they were police officers that had come to search for drugs and they found the drugs in my room. He said the drugs were illegal.
As soon as they mentioned that the drugs were illegal, I looked up at the leader and said;

'' Das ist nicht meine'' ( that is not mine).
I braced my cheeks for a surprise slap from one of them but non came. They were different from the Nigerian police who had slapped me more than once in Nigeria.
They asked me who owned them, I said I didn't know. I told them that the room didn't belong to me alone.
There was another man who shared the room with me, I told them.

They asked for his name and I mentioned Sandis, the Camerounian who had stolen my weed in October of the previous year.
They looked on the list of names and rooms they had with them and confirmed that the room belonged to me and one Sandis from Cameroun.

*The authorities had not assigned him a new room officially because he never approached them for it. He only came to the HEIM during the month ends. We had been paid allowances two days earlier and Sandis returned for his money. He had left a day before the invasion.*
the Kripo leader asked where Sandis was, I told them that I saw him last night but I didn't know where he was. I told them that he slept there sometimes but not all the time. They took notes and after proper procedures, asked me to sign under my name. I told them that I wasn't going to sign anything without knowing what it was.
They explained that written on the paper, was the things found inside my room and what I said. I signed it and they left with the drugs. They didn't take me along.
Sandis was the culprit, He was going to pay for stealing my weeds. Never touch the tiger by the tail.
Several people were arrested but due to the fact that we hardly leave drugs in our rooms, only small amounts of weeds were found in their rooms. Not enough to send them to prison. They were taken to the police station and finger-printed.
Jordan was among them. I, together with Johnson was the only Nigerians in HEIM that was not finger-printed. John had gone to his white girlfriend's house to sleep.
The Yoruba thief, Bola whom I had nicknamed Derico was whisked away to the station too. Some missing items from the Eurospar mall near us had been found in his room.
Chibuzo the tall slim guy from Anambra state was taken to the station too.
When they returned from the police station, they said that I used Juju to confuse Police. Yea, tactical Juju.

''I believe there is a solution to every given problem, you just need to exploit every possible thing''
After the Invasion, everybody was scared to continue business. They were afraid that if they got caught again, they would be send to prison.

Since I was not finger printed, I had no reason to fear.

The smokers had been calling their suppliers who didn't pick their calls.
They had piled up around the HEIM, blowing whistle to alert us that they needed weed.
Somehow, I got motivated and took drugs from Johnson and went outside, back to the street,
Back to my customers and back to making money.
I was the only one outside for over one week and within those one week, I made triple of what I used to make. I recovered my lost 3000 euros worth of lost drugs.
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Episode 50
After the Invasion, I went to Berlin and found an apartment.
It was a one room and parlour self-contain.
Akunne Onitsha had used his Passport to rent it for me.
I started keeping my money with Akunne in Berlin. I would travel to Berlin every week to buy drugs in large quantities, then I would keep them in the new apartment and travel back to Brandenburg with little stuff.

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