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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 53
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The first day on the field (Ogboo) went well. I succeeded in making more sales.

John was nice to me. He was my master.
At a stage, I started selling for others too. I had no money to start my own and the little I was making from the sales went into food and calls.
Time to pay us our monthly allowance was a few days away. I had hoped to use the 200 euro I will receive to buy 50grams and tie them in satchets.

I would go down when nobody was there even in the night.

I started making my own customers too, giving out my numbers and telling them my name. They liked me a lot because I was the only person who would attend to them in the night, even after midnights.

Sometimes customers would call John or Jordan or anyone, if they were not around, they would call me to attend to the customers.
My outfield name was Millo. No one dared used his real name there.

In less than a week, My popularity had risen from an amateur to an all-time-available Millo. I would go down anytime of the night to attend to customers who had called my number.

Sometimes the customers who didn't have our phone numbers would whistle with his or her mouth. We would hear them from the HEIM and go down to attend to them.
The lazy Camerounian who shared the room with me had seen the improvements. I now cook small egusi soup with two chickens. (a full Chicken was 1 euro anyway)
Unfortunately for him, the older Camerounians in our HEIM had no courage to deal on drugs like their Nigerian counterparts.
All they do each day was to drink cheap beers. Fortunately for them, Germans were the highest producers of beer, so it made the products very cheap in the country.

A can of beer was two times cheaper than its water equivalent.

Water was the real deal.
Rumour had it that the German rivers and lakes were poisoned during the second world war against Hitler.
*I didn't care anyway, the tap was so neat. I figured that since we can swim and cook with the water, it wasn't that dangerous. I started drinking it. I believed that no matter how dangerous natural water could be, it will never be as dangerous as whiskey irrespective of what anybody think.

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