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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 51
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'' Wo ist Tony'' (where is Tony) she asked.
*Why was this girl asking for Tony while I was there*
I looked back and saw Tony coming.
The girl had called him on the phone.
Tony gave her two satchets and went back upstairs.

*What kind of wickedness was that, I thought. How could he come down to grab 15Euros that nearly entered my hand?*

That was it, I had had enough.
I digged up my Goods and went upstairs. They were all in the kitchen when I came up. They asked how much I sold and when they found out I had sold nothing, they joked and laughed at me.

n the evening of the same day, I followed them down again. Although I was discouraged to follow them but there was nothing else to do.
I buried my Goods again inside the same spot and went far ahead of them to look for customers.

Sure, they had to be new customers who didn't have their numbers.
Luckily for me, I got one man. The problem was the language. Those skin heads didn't understood ''give me money'' in Any other language except German.
I stopped the man and asked for money in English, he didn't bulge. I asked for it in Igbo, no way. Finally I stretched my hand. He understood that one and gave me A 50euro bill.

'' sieben' ich mochte sieben'' he said while sticking out seven fingers.
I counted the fingers and there were seven of them.

There and then, I learnt that seven was sieben in German
*Worthy to note here was that I learnt German through such methods. I never studied German for a day. I just learnt it from the streets in the three and half years I spent in the streets of Germany*

The problem was that Johnson didn't cover the Area of selling 7 satchets for 50euro. It was his goods and I didn't have money to replace the balance.
I refused and sticked out six fingers. He asked for his money back.
*Money that had touched my palms, no way*.
I motioned him to follow me down to my shop (the ground where I buried the goods)
As I digged to get my goods, it was no longer there. Someone had taken it. Someone who knew where I hid it. One of my people had taken my goods.

I stood like a tree deciding whether to give the man his money back or run away with it.
Johnson had seen me, digging the ground while looking for the goods. He came down asked what happened, I told him.
He had taken it by himself.
He brought out the goods and handed them over to me.

After selling to the German man, I followed Johnson up for more lessons.
*I had hidden the goods in a less than six inches hole but when I was searching for it, I had dug over 15 inches.*

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