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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 46
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* Her tone made it look like she didn't care. Matthew was a guy who kept her in the house and gave her his keys. Matthew was also planning to take me out before his was arrested. I felt for him but I also knew instantly that such fate may be awaiting me too*

I told Nnenna that I was in Essen, he asked where I was and I told her. She promised to come in the night and pick me up.
About 9 pm, Afam said he was going out to Dortmund. He told me plainly that he was going to ''The Ogboo'' {the venue where they sell cocaine to germans).

He asked me to stay in Essen. His reasons was that I needed to first of all, learn how to keep the drugs inside my mouth and how to swallow them if I suspected police presence.
It was a little scary story, so I agreed to stay back in Essen for the time being.
Twenty minutes after Afam had left, Nnenna called and said she was downstairs. I walked down and met her. She was with a white guy inside a car. She asked how I had been and what I intended to do from then on. We chatted for a few minutes before we all got back into the car and drove to her hostel.
She lived in a general students hostel. Although it was a big hostel but she had her own room which was well decorated.
The white guy had dropped us and left. She made salad for me while we talked.
She said she may be pregnant but not for me. I didn't care since my clear objective at that time was how to make money. I didn't want anything whatsoever to tie me down..
When I finished chewing the salad like a hungry goat, she sat beside me and lie on my shoulder. Her mouth had found mine and we continued where we stopped two months earlier.
Who don travel go Villa today..?

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