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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 32
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*That girl must have been some kind of real model*

I had watched her slip into a short gown and asked me to zip her back. I wanted to protest and tell her that there was no need to wear cloths since I was going to remove them sooner or later but since I didn't know what was going on in her mind, I played along. After the zipping, she sat beside me on the only bed in the room and crossed her right hand around my neck. One thing was very clear to me, I didn't see her wear any underwear and that gave me hope. The kisses was smooth and nice but not like that of Agnes. Agnes had bigger lips. I wasted no time and slipped my hand inside the lose gown. Her breastss welcomed me since there was no bra holding them. Her hand was playfully stroking the top of my JT. I pushed her down on the bed and as I bent down to bury my head between her legs, the lunch bell rang. *those Damn chefs, can't they cook late for once* I continued what I was doing and raised her gown to her belly level and spread her legs apart. The well shaven cunnt smiled back at me as I moved my mouth and grabbed the outer cl!ts with my lips. She cried out as I dipped my tongue inside her vegeena and fvcked her with the tongue. She held my head tightly and encouraged my thrusting as I licked and sU-Cked with my tongue. She had just left the bathroom and the whole triangle was smelling sweet and fresh. She must have sprayed some menthol stuff on it. We ignored the lunch and continued our adventure into the honeyland. Missing one meal was never going to kill us and she didn't even seem like the type that ate at all. She was already dripping out by the time I was through.

I continued the adventure with my finger. I twisted my fingers inside of her for several minutes until she couldn't take it any longer, then she begged me to come inside her with my JT. I stood up and removed my trousers in one swift movement. I had only one boxers in camp and it was currently hanging somewhere in Agnes' wardrobe. Being a good samaritan, I slowly climbed on top of her and entered inside her already wet cuunt. She m0aned as I pumped slowly and gradually increased the tempo. It was a different kind of pleasure. We fvcked for several minutes before we climaxed at the same time. She held my with her legs and prevented me from pulling out when the creams were coming out, so she swallowed all the hot creams. When we finished, she went into the bathroom and cleaned up. We chatted for a few more minutes before the bell rang.. The football match was about to begin and no one had any idea where I was. John Bighead had suggested that they look for me in Agnes room but when they couldn't locate me there, they selected another guy to keep for us. The starting whistle was about to blow when I showed up with Melinda to the utmost surprise of all black Nigerian eyes in the Camp. Agnes was there too and was looking at me. The new keeper was told to go out while I replaced him. When the game was over and we had won, I became the toast of the rest of the black girls in Camp. I had saved a penalty. Melinda came to hug and greet me after the game while Agnes left with Joan and one other lady. I prepared an excuse/a lie to tell Agnes. It started and ended with the fact that John Bighead was threatening to kill me if I didn't stay away from Her. It was a good excuse. Lets blame John not Me or Melinda. Someone has always been the better culprit, not you or me. Someone else

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