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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Whether we will sell them or not is our business. After drinks and foods that evening, we took up some girls and headed to a chalet called Royal G In a reserved area called Fizel Estate in Awada Onitsha... We had more drinks and booked our rooms for action. Worthy to note here again was that the girl i picked up had been on my most wanted list for a long time. She has always snubbed me, claiming one thing or the other for a reason BUT things were different on that very day. I just bought my first car and i had not announced that it was for sale. ** Our romance started as we hit our room.

This time, i inititated the attack. It must have been the alcohol coupled with some confidence derived from buying a car.

Her name was Azuka, the most beautiful girl in the street; atleast to my own eyes. they sell liquor along the street and guys frequent their shop just because of her. I was one of them. I started by kissing her hands, i got no slap or scolding so i extended the kiss to her neck as she gave me a welcome onboard smile.Then i kissed her lips which was the original target all those while. She responded. * Money has a way of bending the rules since time immemorial* We hugged and kissed and caressed. Later we la!d on the single bed with white clean sheets and two pillows. She asked if i would marry her when she finished school. *where did that come from for christsake* ''Yes ofcourse, i will marry you'' i blurted out unconvincingly. How can any sane man refuse to marry her date at a dangerous time like that? she smiled as she reminded me that men can promise anything just to get into a woman's pant. *Thank god she knew that* I brushed my hand past her beautifully packed bre*sts. She did not beat or remove my hand. I touched them again, this time pressing them harder as she m0aned inaudibly. I removed the Tshirt from her body and unhooked her bra. I sU-Cked the br3asts as she twists all over the bed. I slipped my right hand between her laps as she kept twisting her body and kissed my lips amateurly. I remembered that we were given just an hour to round up otherwise we pay more money for the room. That didnt bother me anyway, i just bought a car; what effect was a 400 naira per hour room going to have on my money. I touched her pants and started removing them while my mouth played ludo with her two pointed arsenals. my diiick was already hard as i fumbled to remove my trousers. *Condom! No condom* What! Now of all time. How come Chike didnt cover that part. I was torn between fck*ing her with or without condom as my mind raced through the dangers of not using condom.

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