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The Series Of My Life - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I la!d her there and parted her legs wide enough to accomodate my big head. I burried my mouth into the cu,nt and sU-Cked away like a new born baby. I tried different styles with my tongue, inserting my middle finger occassionally to practice what i learnt in an adult movie I watched the previous night. I was enjoying the moment and so was she but i was concentrating more on my own enjoyingment. Paying attention to every little detail of pleasure coming from my acts. At a stage she became so weak after the second climax and begged me to enter inside her. I carried her up again and sat her on the long seat in the palour. Then i raised her left leg and placed it on my left shoulder. The red opening of her cu,nt beckoned on me to come in and in i went with one swift thrust and slashed hot s£nsat!on all over my d!ck and down to my head through a kind of electrical waves. I moved in and out of her at the speed of 1km per hour as she shouted '' zuby fvck me, fvck me darling''. I got tired of carryng the left leg and placed it down, then i tured her back and made her hold the edge of the seat with both hands. Her swollen vegynna faced me again from her arsse at an angle of 69 degrees which made my entrance smooth and without incidence. I drove my hard d!ck inside her while holding her round waist line softly. I pumped in and out of her for several minutes before we both busted out some hot liquids. I then took her to the bathroom to clean up. When we got to the bathroom, we opened the shower over our heads and held each other under the sprinkling water and planted a long kiss on each other. We forgot the outside world in there as we kissed and teased each other with our tongues.

Then she slowly bent down and started working on my d!ck again. A few moments later, my d!ck commenced its rise to power once more. It became hard again as she sU-Cked on it under the shower. I held her head while she sU-Cked on my d!ck several minutes and when i coudnt take it any longer, i raised her up and placed her back against the wall of the bathroom. I raised her right leg up while her left leg stood alone on the ground. Then i drove inside her vegyna again while her back was on the wall. It was a new style for me but it was worth every second of it. She cried out loud while i pumped in and out in a measured unison. '' fvck me baby'' she cried every now and then until we got tired of that position. My spermz wasnt anywhere near coming out. It often happened on my second rounds. I put her leg down and sat on the toilet seat. i beckoned her to come and seat on my erect d!ck. She came, turned her ars,e and slowly found my d!ck with the opening of her dripping cu,nt. Then she slowly moved up and down on my d!ck while i held her waist line to encourage the moves. She pumped me for minutes before i climaxed and released more hot creams into her.

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