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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 2 - Episode 7
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My heart began to beat faster as DIJA hanged up the call,
my fingers were shaking as I was trying to open the
message. As I opened the message, I was shocked but I
summoned the courage to read it.
“Hello ayoola, I don’t want you to see me as a clingy
person. Though I love you so much but you have obviously
shown to me that you truly love EWA. I won’t disturb you
anymore but please don’t let EWA to know what is
transpired between us and I won’t let her to know either.
Bye”. I was emotionally relieved after I finished reading the
text. I deleted the message immediately and i put a call
through to DIJA immediately after reading.
Me: hello, I’ve read the message. Thanks for your
Dija: unhmm…
Me: what’s it again?
Dija: nothing now, hope you’re coming to work today?
Me: yes sure
Dija: we will talk better at work then. So how is Ewa doing?
Hope she is not feeling much pain
Me: not at all dear. See you at work
I quickly ended the call when I noticed that Ewa was at the
door and was about to enter. I wrapped the phone with my
towel while I quickly joined EWA at the door before she
enters and we both met at the door. She entered into the
room while I went straight to the bathroom to take my
bath. I was in the bathroom when I heard another sound of
text message on my phone, my intention was that it was
another text from DIJA so I quickly opened the message
only to see that it was a text message from uncle richard

telling me that there was going to be a management
meeting by 8:00am and I should be there. I checked my
time immediately after the message and it was 7:10am. I
rushed the bathing and I quickly rushed inside to dress up.
I got dressed up at exactly 7: 30am and was set to leave.
Me: I’m set.
Ewa: I feel like going to work too
Me: oh you can’t risk that now, be okay first. So, try and
visit the hospital today.
Ewa: okay dear
Me: do you still have some money with you
Ewa: yea, I think I should be having #5000 in my bag
Me: okay that’s good, take care of yourself…
I moved closer to her, I hugged and kissed her before
leaving. As I stepped out of the house, I checked my time
again and it was 7:35am. I started walking faster and
hoping to see a commercial bike soon. I walked to the main
road before I could see a bike. I did not even ask for the
price before I jumped on it and we started going. As we got
to nestle gate, I gave him 100naira and didn’t even wait for
any complain before I rushed into the gate. I greeted the
securities at the gate while I rushed down to my office to
sign before going to the meeting venue. On getting to my
office I saw Dija waiting for me at the entrance of my
Me: (I was obviously on a rush) waoh! Good morning my
baby. Please there is a meeting I need to attend now, I just
come here to sign, please let’s see during break.
Dija: (her facial expression appears disappointed but she
had no option) okay.
I dropped my bag and quickly signed the time book and
rushed down to the meeting venue

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