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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 2 - Episode 6
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As we entered the room, Ewa slept immediately while she
placed her head on my chest. I was caressing her hair and
was equally meditating on all that is happening like, am I
really doing the right thing? Dija left angrily without a word,
who knows what she is planning right now? Ewa is
obviously in love and I don’t really want to hurt her. To be
frank, I can’t deny being in love with Ewa and I don’t want
to loose her. Though, dija deserves compensation too but, I
don’t think dating her is the best option. As I was
meditating, I heard a sound on my phone, which signifies
that a text message has been received. I opened the
message hoping to see a message from uncle richard or
someone reasonable but I was discouraged when I
discovered that it was a message from ISSIAH 48vs8 by
MTN. I just hissed and returned my phone back to the
home screen and was just a step to the dream land when I
heard another sound of text message but I ignored and
slept off.
The following morning, Ewa has woken up before me,
despite the warnings that I gave her that she needs to rest
for her wound to be healed before she engage in any work
even the house chore. She has woken up and has started
taking care of the house to prepare me for work. She won’t
be going to work because she was still on treatment.

She woke me up
Ewa: (tapped me) ayomi please stand up, its already
Me: Good morning dear
Ewa: hope you slept like a baby
Me: yes love
Ewa: oya stand up, your water is already at the bathroom

Me: (straight face). Ewa ma koba mi o, I’ve already told
you not to stress your self until the wound is healed.
Ewa: (guilty expression) but I cannot sit down without
doing anything, I will be lazy. And moreover, I will be going
to the hospital for treatment today
Me: sha ma koba mi
Ewa: (she came closer to me and kissed me). I’m sorry
Me: (hugged her tight) I love you dear
I was still holding Ewa tight to myself when my phone
started ringing. I excused myself to check who the caller
was and it was a call from a strange number. I picked the
call and the conversation started.
Ewa went out of the room….
Me: (silent)
Caller: hello, are you going to tell me you didn’t see my
message yesterday night.
Me: sorry, who am I speaking with?
Caller: ooh! It is now that you won’t recognize my voice
again, after I’ve helped you and have taken a lot of risks for
Me: I guess this should be DIJA. Actually, I didn’t see your
message, and besides….
DIJA: its okay, check the message and call this number
back to tell me your view about it.

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