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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 2 - Episode 5
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I responded by looking towards the direction of where I
heard my name from and saw three ladies coming towards
the direction of where I was. I waited for some seconds
for them to join me where I stood to see who the persons
were. As they walked closer to where I stood, I couldn’t
recall ever knowing there faces even from the factory, but
the only thing I knew about them was that they were
beautiful ladies.
Lady 1: comrade, so you also came to turn up?
Lady 2: don’t mind him, and he’ll always be doing like saint
at work.
Me: (smiles) but I don’t think I know this faces.
Lady 3: you won’t know us now, how will you know us when
we are not beautiful.
Me: oh! No don’t take it that far, you guys are beautiful and
sumptuous just that I’ve been kind of busy since I resumed
nestle but thanks to God “the game is over”
Lady 2: (laughs) the game is over for your mind
Me: (straight face) what do you mean?
Lady 3: don’t mind her jare, she is kidding. So did you come
Me: (silenced for some seconds) I actually came with two
of the staffs, do you care to meet them?
Lady 3: who are they?
Me: mr. Kayode and mr. Richard. Did you guys know them?
Lady 1: sure now.
Lady 2: but why don’t you come with your girlfriend?
Me: she is around too.
Lady 3: okay, let’s go and meet them
I changed my bearing back to the circle where uncle
richard, uncle kayode and ewa were seated while the three
ladies followed me. As we got to our table, I sat beside

EWA while the ladies also picked chairs and sat down:
Ladies: Ekaale sir
Uncle kayode: waoh! Damsels
Uncle richard called the barman to bring more drinks and
we continued our “faaji”
Lady 2: comrade what’s your budget?
Me: I’m here with my baby, introducing EWA
Lady 2: oh! Good evening o
“Ewa nodded in response” I whispered into uncle richards
ear telling him to pick one of the ladies asap. Uncle richard
smiled after the whisper. After about 3minutes of the
Uncle richard: this table is too boring and I don’t seem to
know these ladies’ names
Lady 1: (smiled)
Uncle richard: so let’s meet you ladies
Lady1: (smiled) my name is ololade
Uncle richard: waoh!
Lady 2: I’m folakemi
Lady 3: and I am aishat
Uncle richard: you’ve all gotten nice names. And I must be
sincere with you, you are all beautiful.
Lady 1: hmmmmm?
Uncle richard: for real. But where have you guys being
before now, ololade, come and seat beside me (pointing @
lady 1)
Ololade: you mean me?
Uncle richard: yes now.
She stood up and went to sit beside uncle richard. They
continued discussing till 11:00pm that uncle richard
suggested we should be on our way home. I requested he
should drop me and ewa at my house so that I could give
him and ololade enough privacy. Uncle kayode in the other
took his girlfriend with him and they stopped a bike at the
main road and went together to his house.
Ewa and I entered the car with uncle richard and the ladies
while uncle richard dropped me and ewa at the front of my

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