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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 2 - Episode 4
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20mins after, everybody was dressed and was set to go
out. I was dressed in a designer shirt and a stocked jeans
on a white footwear with a red nike cap. Ewa was also
dressed in a lovely gown.

we all entered the car including the lady that uncle kayode
brought from work. In the car, I continued my discussion
with uncle kayode
Me: uncle kayode, you did not conclude your introduction
the other time.
Uncle kayode: oh! Sorry, this is tade my one and only love.
One of the I.T students though
Me: [Looked the girl in the eyes] ***Tade was blushing***uncle, you are the only single man in
the car.
Uncle kayode: [laughed out loud] your uncle is a DON. Don’t
mind him o
Me: hmmm, me I don’t believe that o, I’ve never seen him
with any lady/woman except mu… [Uncle richard looked
me with a bad eye, like “if you dare finish that statement]
I wanted to say *mummy dammy* before but I quickly
changed it to *mosquito and ants* that he used to kill every
Everybody laughs….
In no time, uncle richard has driven us to the club. It was a
very small but lively club meant for Nestle’s staffs. The
club was full of handsome niggas and beautiful chicks.

Strippers are also at one corner displaying their respective
assets. Uncle richard took us to a round table and asked us
to have our seats as he went to the bar to order for drinks.

Just after about 2mins of sitting, three ladies came to
where we were sitted and were like “waoh! Mr kayode good


Uncle kayode: Good evening but I don’t really know these

Lady 1: you may not recognize us but we know you too

Uncle kayode: really? You are one of the I.T students of
Nestle, I guess.

Ladies: yes

Uncle kayode: whao! But how did you guys found out there
is a place like this?

Lady 2: hmmm, is it that hard to get? Well, have fun.

They were set to take there leave when the third lady and
also the one with the fattest ukwu used her palm to rob my
chin as they go which made me to focus more on the ukwu
as they cart walked away. Ewa noticed that the ukwu was
my focal point so she used her hand to turn my head back
to its normal position and everybody laughs.
Uncle richard came back with the barman just immediately
the ladies left. The barman was holding a jotter and a pen
in his hand to note what we cared for.

As uncle richard was joining the circle, uncle kayode
started gisting him on the ladies that just left. Uncle
richard was so curious to meet at least one of the ladies
so that he could also have a companion for the night
because he was the only single person on the table.
Uncle richard faced me….
Uncle richard: Ayo!
Me: sir
Uncle richard: can you still locate those ladies?
Me: [pretended as if I didn’t hear him again] en! What did
you say?
Uncle richard: can you still locate thos ladies joor?
Me: which ladies?
Uncle Richard: ***smiled***
Me: smiled too ***i stood up and went through the direction
the ladies passed to trace their path***
I haven’t walked much distance from our circle before I
heard a female voice called me from the dark……..

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