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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 2 - Episode 2
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i stood for about 2mins to watch Dija as she angrily and
disappointingly walked towards the gate and exited before I
returned inside the room. I started imagining what has
happened from the beginning to the present situation. How
Dija saved my life twice, and how she acted jealously
seeing me and Ewa together.

Ewa in the other hand, is a girl that I really loved right from
the first day I set my eyes on her, I have fought many
battles with her and it is clear that she is in love with me

I thought of so many things like “dating the two of them” or
“ignoring Dija’s actions and move on with ewa”, But I had a
second thought that Dating the two of them can be
dangerous and even dirty to my reputation and ignoring Dija
also, can easily define me as an ingrate and she can even
go any mile to avenge. What do I do?. I continued the
thought till I slept off.

After about 2hours of sleeping, I noticed a soft body on
me, followed by a soft hand touching my lips. Shortly after,

I noticed a soft and succulent lips on my lips, kissing me
so good. The kiss continues until my eyes was widely
opened. As I opened my eyes, I saw ewa with her two eyes
closed and was passionately kissing me. I also responded
by moving my hands gently on her back.

She continued kissing my lips, and was m0an!ng seriously
in the process. I turned her over making her to lie on her
back and facing up with her boobs . I slowly moved my
hands on her boobs and brought it out from her gown, and

began to sU-Ck it

At a time, she screamed “yesh” when I mistakenly touched
the wound of the bullet shot at her In the court. I noticed
that it hurts so I moved my mouth away from the region. I
continued sU-Cking her b----t but avoided the wounded
region, though it doesn’t really hurt since the wound have
been covered with adhesive plasters and cotton wool, she
will definitely not feel the pain too much. The good
s£nsat!on of the way I sU-Ck overpowered the pain…

She started m0an!ng softly, as i was sU-Cking her n-----s.

She was robbing my head with her left hand using the right
hand to rob my back. I was also extra careful so that I
won’t touch the wounded region again

I released my mouth from her boobs as I pulled her gown
up gently from her laps. She was also doing the same
miracle on my trouser. She turned me over, pulled down
my trouser and dipped her hand into my heavily erected
d--k and brought it out. She began to fond it slowly and I
could feel her soft hand all over my body. She concentrated
on the D--k fonding and sU-Cking it and I was also
encouraging her by holding her head as she sU-Cks in-out-in-
out. After 3mins of sU-Cking, I pulled her up, both of us are
unclad, I kissed from her neck through her pointed n-----s
down to her abdomen. As I got to the abdomen, Ewa
jacked back and was pushing my head down to her p---y. I
quickly understood the signal so I went straight for her
pant to reveal her p---y. Wao! Ewa was really wet down
there. Finally, I landed on her p---y and I started sU-Cking
and enjoying the dish. this time, I asked if she love it, and
she smiled and said “yes, I really love it”
I then removed my mouth from her p---y and put my
fingers and started fingering her, the m0an!ng was
increasing in tempo as I increased the acceleration of my
finger in her wet p---y. i was kissing and fingering her, she
was really m0an!ng so hard and
kept saying “ayoola please don’t stop it”,

She held my d!ck and inserted it into her pu*sy, and she
screamed “waoh! This is terrific”.

Me: hmmmmm, wow your pu*sy is really tight. i began to
f--k her slowly.

she was really m0an!ng so sweet,as i
was doing it so slow,

EWA: ***m0an!ng*** ayoola, I’m not even feeling the pain

Me: hummmmm?

Suddenly, I became faster, and Ewa’s scream became
louder. Yeeeeeeeaaaaa, ayoooolaaaa fucccck meee
harddeeeerr, I’ve really missed thissss. Please don’t

I continue banging for a complete 20mins before i changed
my position for another style, doggy style, f*cking her really
hard from behind, and she
kept on saying “ayoola please don’t stop”, she was m0an!ng
so hard, we changed to another style again after another
20mins, i la!d my back on the bed, while she sat on my d!ck and was riding the c--k. she was just going up and
down, and was feeling my d--k all over her pu*sy, i was
squeezing Her bo°bs so hard, her legs were already
shaking, but was really riding my c--k. I was just saying “I
love you, I can’t afford to lose this. then she faced me this
time, still riding my c--k, kissing me.
m0an!ng so passionately, i lifted her up this time, f-----g
her so hard.

Her legs were already shaking. We f*cked for more than
2hrs until we started panting then I cummed.I was really
weak, sweating so hard, till my d--k was deactivated from
the mood.

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