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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 2 - Episode 1
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I woke up and met 5missed calls on my phone all from
EWA. I called her back to know if she was around

Me: hello love
Ewa: I’ve being to your office but I met your absence. I
was told you didn’t come to work today. Can you please tell
me what’s going on?

Me: I’m at home. You can come and meet me at home
Ewa: okay dear……

10mins after the call, I heard a knock on my door “ko ko

Me: yes who is it?
Ewa: its me, Ewa.

I stood up from the bed and went for the door to open it
for Ewa. immediately I opened the door for her, she hugged
me tightly after which we started kissing passionately.

After about 35seconds of hugging and kissing, we both sat
down on the bed while I started gisting Ewa.
I summarised all that has happened to her from A-Z and
how Dija was shot dead instead of me. I also informed her
that we’d need to be at the court on friday for final
judgement of Chief Badero and his crew.

We continued gisting and casual romance until the day was

….Nothing eventful happened before friday.
on friday morning at around 10:00am, ewa and I dressed up
in a little way that we could and we were about to start
going to the court when a call entered my phone.

Caller: hello where are you?
Me: who is speaking
Caller: this is inspector Daniel, we are already waiting for
you at the court

Me: okay sir, I’m also on my way…
We boarded a bike from my house and stopped right in
front of Agbara Chief magistrate court.

I paid the bike man and I entered with ewa into the court
through the back door. The case has started already when
we entered.
The judge was still speaking when ewa and I entered the
court through the back door. Chief badero was shocked and

******chief badero whispered gently into the hear drum of
one of his guy but no one knows what they discussed*****

Judge: ******continued his judgement******* you olayode
badero and your guys are accused of robbing chief fashola
johnson of no2 adenle street and you stole money what of
15million naira from his house on the 3 of august, 2015. As
if that was not enough, on the 9th of august, 2015 you
killed an innocent girl DIJA for reasons best known to you.

Are you guilty of this offence or not?
Chief Badero: ****moves as if he wanted to go out******
adajo! Before I can answer that question ****snatched the
gun from a police close to him and pointed it at
EWA********** please let me kill this girl. ******and before
anybody could know what was happening “kauuuuh” he has
shot ewa on the heart and me on my chest.
The whole court was in pandemonium as everybody ran for
there dare life…
********before I left home in the morning, I didn’t just know
what asked me to wear the bullet proof underwear that
DIJA gave me under my blue round neck shirt. Though I
didn’t know that such thing could happen in the court****.

After chief badero and his boys have been taken away, I
noticed some group of people came closer to help us of
the gunshot…after about 5minutes, I stood up from where
I la!d like a dead man and everybody ran away. I Looked
beside me and saw the dead EWA. I sat down beside her
and started crying. People that has ran away earlier saw as
I was crying beside EWA from afar and they were coming
closer gradually until they got to where I was bitterly crying
beside EWA. As my cry was getting louder, another crowd
has gathered to sympathized with me… I was still crying
when a man in the crowd asked

Man: but you were both shot, how come nothing happened
to you?
Me: though, I didn’t know that something of such would
happen but I was on a bullet proof underwear. I opened my
shirt, removed the bullet and showed it to the whole crowd,
everybody was amazed……

Shortly after, an ambulance came and took ewa away…..

I went home unhappy, I was on my bed and was seriously
crying when a call entered from uncle richard. He called
8times before I responded…..

Uncle Richard: aburo bawo ni
Me: ******dull voice******** I’m fine sir

Uncle Richard: why is your voice dull like this?
Me:*******bursted in tears***** ewa is dead sir.

Uncle Richard: dead ke, I thought you told me she was
going to ibadan last week.

Me: *******crying************
Uncle Richard: where are you?

Me: I’m at home
Uncle Richard: I’m coming right away
30minutes after, my phone rang again, and it was uncle
richard on the line
Uncle Richard: where exactly is your house?
Me: it is around the canteen that we came to eat amala
and gbegiri the other day.

Uncle Richard: okay wait for me at that canteen.

I left my house and went to the shop to wait for uncle
Richard. Shortly after, uncle richard came with uncle
kayode with uncle kayode’s jeep. They instructed me to
enter the car and I was drove to uncle Richard’s house. I
narrated everything to uncle richard And uncle kayode from
A-Z, how I was kidnapped, how dija was shot, and how I
also survived a gunshot in the court…. Uncle richard was
shocked. They started blaming me that I ought to have left
the girl since, that I caused her death indirectly bla bla

As we were discussing, a strange call entered my phone
from an unknown number. I picked it and place it on
Caller: hello, is that comrade Ayo?
Me: yes sir
Caller: this is barrister wale, the lawyer in charge of your
Me: oh! Barrister well done! Sir
Barrister: we are doing our job, I was happy when I heard
that you survived the shot…

Me: okay sir
Barrister: are you there alone?
Me: yes sir
Barrister: I want to inform you that DIJA and EWA are

Barrister: ***continues**** though ewa sustained an injury
but she is responding to treatment now. Dija in the other
hand wasn’t injured atall, she was defended by a bullet
proof and she was even the one that reported the case to
the police.
Me: whao!
Barrister: now! Listen to me, put your mind at rest
everything is under control and find a hidden place to stay
till the final judgment is done
Me: when is the final judgement sir?

Barrister: Come monday next week for the final

Me: what time sir?
Barrister: 10:00am is the judgment but don’t show up till
the end of the case

Me: okay sir thank you so much

Barrister: you are welcome

Uncle richard and uncle kayode faced me, and asked “did
you hear what the barrister said?”. Meaning that you are
not leaving this house until monday. I responded by nodding
my head…

Uncle Richard and uncle kayode left the house for work
while I was at home eating and watching DSTV. I was
seriously happy at the latter information from the barrister,
I was still imagining how lovely it would be to see DIJA and
my EWA again when I slept off….

Uncle richard came back in the evening with a new jeans
trouser and a shirt
Uncle richard: aburo, wake up
Me: *******stretched and stood up******* welcome sir
Uncle richard: have you eaten?
Me: yes sir
Uncle richard: *****handled a poly bag containing clothes
over to me****** check those clothes if you will love them.

I bought them so that you can use them to change coz
none of your clothes is here

Me: **********i was very happy, I collected it and thanked
him so much********** its nice sir….
Nothing eventful happened in the weekend until monday
that we were to be in the court…..

Uncle richard have woken up very early and have left for
work. He promised to come back from work at exactly


He came back 11:30am with uncle kayode and we started
going to the court. I sat down at the back of the tinted
glass jeep.

We got to the court at exactly when chief badero and his
guys had been judged. I saw from inside the car where I
was sitted the handcuffed and harmless chief badero and
his guys as they were being escorted by two warders and
about 4 armies pointing guns on their head. I came down
from the jeep, so handsome and unruffled with uncle
richard and uncle kayode to see Ewa and Dija also coming
down from a tinted glass car very close to where we
parked our car. EWA ran to me and embraced me while
Dija was just smiling. I embraced Dija more and more for
standing by me. Uncle richard and uncle kayode
congratulated ewa for her survival and thanked dija.

We made a stroll to where the restless chief badero was.

He was shocked, confused and was seriously distabilized
to see us unruffled…

When Ewa saw chief badero in the piteous condition, tears
rented her chin, she continued crying as chief badero and
the other guys were dragged into the police van and was
followed by the firing squad.

Barrister wale later joined us where we were standing….

He shook hands with us and congratulated Ewa for her

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