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The Only Beautiful Girl In My Area  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Nothing eventful happened the following
Day, except for the fact that i became closer
to TUNMISE as we always chat on whatsapp
On friday,i went To the girl’s street and was
looking for a painted upstairs around the
street. After a long time of search, I saw two
painted upstairs built besides each other but
couldn’t get the exact house that the guy was
talking about. I was going and coming around
the street like someone that lost # 1000naira
maybe she can just come out from any of the
two houses but there was nobody that
resembles her….
On saturday, I woke up very early so that I
could get to Nestle on time. Uncle richard had
also dressed up to take me to the centre as
promised. He asked me to go to the centre
with my bags so that we could be going back
to abeokuta together from there. We drove
into the nestle car park at exactly 8:40am.
Everybody had lined up as if they are in
primary school. Some others were checking
there sitting arrangement. While a security
man was checking names on a list and
passing some inside the exam hall. “Omo, no
be seresere o” this one strict pass
professional exam o and I no even read.
there was no much time for me to be
checking sitting arrangement so my uncle
spoke with the security man as a senior staff
that he should just allow me in. He declined
at first but as my uncle showed him his ID
card the security man asked me to go and
line up at the back. I frowned my face as if it
was my right to line up at the front. As I was

going to line up at the back I sighted “the
same girl” on the line, the back of whom I
should be lining up. I let out a smiling face. “E
be like say this girl na God’s sent, I just dey
jam am everywhere”. I got to her back and I
was like ” Chai! Omo see a-s”. She was
dressed in a blue skimpy gown which really
shooted out her big and round a-s on a pair
of yellow shoes. Her curves became more
apparent in the gown. I don dey forget my
reason to nestle sef as all my focuses are on
the a-s. I was feeling like grabbing the a-s as I
noticed that my “d!ckson” is responding. I put
one hand inside my pocket and started using
it to control the stubborn D--K of mine.

The line kept going and it finally got to
Her turn to go inside,I was just focused on
the a-s as she was passed to go. The thing
was just moving freely in the gown from left
to right like a simple pendulum. All eyes were
on me as it was obvious that I was really
concentrating on the a-s. I was seriously
embarrassed with the way the security man
checking us in lambasted me
Security man: would you answer me or you
want to follow her a-s?
People around: *****giggles****
Me: ****chai! Na me this idiots dey laugh like
dis? I swear I must see what is giving me
embarrassment under her skirt**** I’m sorry
security man: sorry for yourself.
I was also passed to go for the exam but
unfortunately I wasn’t in the same hall with
the girl. It was a 25 questions which is meant
to last for 25mins. They are cheap questions
though, so I finished in the next 10mins and I
quickly submitted so that I could wait for the
girl outside but when I got to the entrance of
the hall where I wrote my exam, I saw my
uncle seating down with two of the
invigilators discussing while he wait for me. I
was shocked to meet him there and He was
shocked to see that I came out so fast too.
“Na so dis uncle dey always kill my show”
Uncle Richard: are you through?
Me: ***shocked*** erm… Yes sir
Uncle Richard: hope you did it well?
Me: yes sir.
Uncle Richard: let’s be on our way then
Chai! I was not pleased with the way I could
not meet the girl again. I said to myself that
“she would never escape me”.

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